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Have you noticed???

Some things never change!

In life…in church…in business …even in the Kingdom of God…

There will always be those who “WILL” – and those who “WON’T“.

We need look no further than the ministry of Jesus Christ to see how this reality plays out.

Picture a funnel:

  • At the wide end at the top, there was “the multitude”.
    • Those who came – listened – found it interesting – but left mostly unchanged and unmoved.
    • Amongst that same group, there were some who knew they wanted to change but struggled and vacillated as they hung onto the things of this world.
  • Next came “the 70”.
    • They came – listened – found it interesting…and allowed the seed to take root.  They became followers.
  • Then, as the funnel narrows, there were the 12. The disciples.
    • The ones who were not just hearers…not just doers…the disciples made the decision to go “all in”!  They were willing to give everything they had to follow Christ and accept his invitation to be part of something big.
  • Yet, at the narrowest point of the funnel, there was still one more group!  They were even smaller in number and more exclusive.  They were the 3 – James, Peter and John. They were the Inner Circle.
    • The ones who had the most intimate connection with Jesus. The ones he knew he could pour into and they would not only be his disciples, but they would multiple!

And so it goes.

It seems it is much the same today as it was more than 2000 years ago!

I can picture God just shakin’ his head – He wants so much more for us!

Pastors carry this same burden – just as we do in our work as Christian coaches.

  • We have those who listen to the messages of Identity and Destiny and go away unchanged.
  • We have people who discover their purpose and do a little something, but return to “life as usual” pretty quickly.
  • Then there are our licensed facilitators – our disciples.  The ones who are actively changing lives as they help others find, know and live their God-given purpose.
  • And then…there is our inner circle.  Those coaches and entrepreneurs who are always wanting to learn and do more.   Who we know we can count on to pray with us, help us, innovate with is, grow with us. They are determined to be the difference in this world for Christ.

Yet – like The Lord – we find ourselves shaking our heads when we think of the multitudes who are letting their “roadblocks” stand in the way of all that God is inviting them to be part of!

So what are the roadblocks?

We have identified 7!

And as you might guess – the big daddy of all them all is FEAR!

Fears like…

  • What if I’m not good enough?
  • What if I fail?
  • What if I don’t have what it takes?
  • What if people think I’m crazy?
  • What if the cost is more than I’m willing to give?
  • What if it’s too hard?
  • What if I have to go somewhere – or do something – I don’t want to do?

Yet there is another of the 7 fears that surprised us when we first began to see it.

It is the roadblock of complacency.

Yes – when you look at the funnel that is exactly what you see in “the multitude”.

They come listen – then go on about life as usual. You see…life for them is good just the way it is. They are not willing to leave their comfort zone – even for the promise of something better on the other side.

And so it goes.

We are saddened by this realization but know we should not be surprised.

Even Jesus saw only a few that would truly put their hand to the plow…give up their familiar, comfortable lives…and never look back.

Therein lies the call on our lives with Identity and Destiny.

As we inspire, encourage and help people discover their God-given purpose, we work tirelessly to help them enter the kind of intimate relationship with Christ where fear will not stop them and complacency will not restrain them.

So, where are you?

God has a plan for your life – and it is GOOD!

Will you trust Him?

Will you step out?

Blessing awaits at the narrow end of the funnel!