Female standing barefoot on green grass and white flowersTRUE Christianity is seen not heard!
It is what we do with our feet – not our tongues – that count.

Many know the “language” of Christianity.
But here’s the question:
What are you doing with what you know?

If others were to follow your footsteps…especially Monday through Friday…would your actions match your words?

With alarming frequency Tom and I hear,

“I’m just too busy! When this is done…or that phase of life is behind me… then I’ll have time to step into the purpose God has for my life”.

Could this be just another way of saying “NO” to God?

Equally concerning are those who say,

“I’m afraid…I’m not worthy…I bring nothing to the table”.

And here’s the one that really surprised us,

“I’m too comfortable!”

Perhaps people didn’t use those exact words… but in one way or another they tell us they have decided they’re not willing to interrupt their comfortable lives.


Yet…down deep…do you know The Lord – through the power of the Holy Spirit- is relentlessly pursuing you?


  • There is only one YOU?
  • His timing is perfect?
  • It is the scars, mistakes and areas of profound weakness that make you perfect for the “job”?

Nonetheless…it can be far too easy to turn and walk away.

The Holy Spirit is a gentleman.
Relentless, yes!
But still, you have a choice.

Now here is what I want you to do…

  • Look down. Think about your “feet”.
    • Where have they carried you this week?
    •  What kind of footprints are they leaving as you walk through this life?
    •  Are they following your wants, desires and plans – or are they walking the path of purpose that God has for your life?
  • Look again. This time more slowly and thoughtfully.
    • What are your “feet” saying – not only to a watching world – but to God himself?