cross lightAt times, the last 5 months have seemed like an eternity as we have walked through the valley of the shadow of cancer with my daughter.

Early on the doctors said…don’t look too far ahead. Just focus on the next thing. Otherwise it will look too overwhelming.

With the 6 chemo treatments and surgery behind us…we have knocked down the first of two huge mountains – only to see a few more behind them.

Next – bandages being removed for the first time and the pathology reports.

Then radiation…daily for 6-8 weeks!?!

And as we walk it out…so many of you are praying…cheering us on…sharing your victories over this dreaded disease…telling us your God stories.   Thank you…we are much encouraged.

Then there are the alone times.

Those times when it is just you…the reality of it all…the fear, the uncertainly…the what if’s.

But God!

Yes…that is when we see God show up in the most miraculous…and often-unexpected ways.

We hear him in our prayers.

We see him as we drink from his word…which truly has become living water for our parched souls.

But God!

We also see and hear from Him in the everyday things.

Perhaps in an “easier” season of life – these God encounters might be overlooked.

But not now.

The hard things of life have a way of giving us a God consciousness that we otherwise might not recognize.

A few weeks back I had just such and encounter…as I stood across from the kind gentleman who had just given me relief from an aching back and neck.

Those are the spots where I tend to “store my stress”, and sometimes a massage is the only thing that can bring relief.

As we wrapped up, he began to look at my posture and the way I was standing.


Then he began…

“I don’t know what you are carrying emotionally right now,

but you look as though you are carrying a heavy weight on your back?

And your shoulders

they come forward as if you are trying to guard and protect your heart?

Whatever is going on…it is manifesting physically.”


He went on… 

“I encourage you – do not give into it.

Stand tall – put your shoulders back – breath deep.” 

Then, this is when I knew this must be a word from the Lord…

“Let your light shine!” 

“Whatever you are going through has a valuable purpose…

even if you can’t see it right now.

Whatever you are going through

is meant to strengthen you so you can help others.”


This kind man does not yet know Jesus…

but as we talked and I shared the story of Amanda…

I know God used this conversation:

  • to give me words I needed to hear
  • to later get me on my knees before the Lord
  • to quickly release this huge burden of oppression
  • to cast ALL my cares (once and for all) at the feet of Jesus – the only One strong enough to carry them for me

And I know that God also used this conversation to open the door for lots more future communication with this kind man who does not yet know Jesus…. and, now I am ready to really let the light of Jesus shine!


Perhaps as you have read, you are saying, I know God is using these words to speak to me too?  

What did you need to hear?

What do you need to be on your knees before the Lord about?

What burdens and cares do you need to release and lay at the feet of Jesus?

“I encourage you – do not give into it.

Stand tall – put your shoulders back – breath deep.

Let your light shine!”

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