Driving on an empty asphalt road  forward to 2015Beginning on New Year’s Day, I decided that I would again read through the Bible in a year.  (Well actually, I have done it only once before and it took me over 3 years as I journaled my way through it chapter by chapter.)

But this time, I decided to take a new approach by using an app that one of my friends recommended:  it is called the Daily Audio Bible.  (Check it out!!!)

At first I wondered if listening to someone else read the scripture would really work for me? I’m not much of an auditory learner.


Much to my amazement, as Pastor Brian reads, the Holy Spirit speaks.

I guess you could do this on the run…in the car…wherever you have time…but for me, I get my Bible and sit poised with pen-in-hand ready to write what God is going to say.

It has been the richest time in the Word I have ever experienced.

It is not about hearing what someone else is getting from the word – it is the art of quietly listening to someone read the Scripture – exactly as it is written – and letting my soul receive what God wants to download.

On day one…January 1, 2015…God gave me my word for the year.

Pastor Brian had said his word was “reframe”.

And that made me curious.

If God would give him a word…why not me?

So I prayerfully inquired of The Lord.

He gave me a couple words…but the one he confirmed and showed me repeatedly over the next few days was “FORWARD”.


In just six short weeks…God has used this word to nudge me out of sadness, move me beyond grief and lift me up when (in my flesh) I just wanted to retreat and give up.

Yes…it is a year I know I must keep moving forward.

A year when I am certain that moving forward will have the power to be a source of strength and hope for my daughter as she fights her heart out against cancer…and for her husband as he surrenders and supports her.

A year when the long regiments of surgery and radiation lie ahead.

A year of who knows what…as we continue to walk by faith and not by sight.

But nonetheless…God says, “Pam, just keep moving forward!”

And I do…we do.

And I will…we will.

But…today, we take a moment to rest.

To celebrate.

To reflect on all that God has done to keep Amanda strong…able to stay on schedule with her treatments…and successfully able to complete her last chemo a few days ago!

So…today, I stand on the word God has given me.

I am grateful beyond measure that I asked…and he gave me this perfect word:


Look forward, think forward, move forward.

And in God’s power I will do exactly that!

Now, what about you?

What struggles, hurdles, fears, and unknowns are you facing right now?

God knows.

God cares.


And I believe He has a word for you too.

I encourage you…go…spend time with Him…and ask.

He knows the perfect word…the one He knows you need.

Ask and it will be given

Seek and you will find.

Knock and the door will be opened.

(Matthew 7:7)

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