Bright Hope of LifeWhen Tom and I were first saved, we quickly knew that things in our hearts and lives were changing.   But not knowing what it “looked like” to be a Christian…we found ourselves searching.  Wondering what God had in mind for our lives from this point forward.

We read books, took the spiritual gifts tests, sought insight from our pastor and talked with friends who had been doing this thing called “being a believer” a lot longer than we had.   We got lots of thoughts and input.  But for the most part, it just wasn’t resonating.  Yes, we would support local ministries.  Yes, we would tell others about Christ.  Yes, we would serve at our church.  But still…we knew there was more.

But what, Lord?

As we sought the Lord, here is what we both began to hear:  “Bloom where you are planted!”  And over time, we knew that meant we were to work diligently with what we had been given – to embrace the way God had uniquely created us – and use all our experience, connections and spheres of influence…but in a whole new way.

At first, we (somehow???) thought if we didn’t go off to the mission field – consider going to seminary – resign our jobs or sell our businesses – we weren’t being “Godly” with our lives.

Still – in our hearts we knew WE ARE ENTREPRENEURS!

But…how could that ever jive with our responsibility to be part of the Great Commission???

Then – God began to make it clear.  It’s as if we could hear him saying, “I can work with that!”  In fact – he began to show us he had saved us – and called us – not for missions in a foreign country – but the mission field that was right there in our own back yard.  In our neighborhood – on the golf course – in our home with our children – and YES – even in the places where we did business!

God was not going to use us in spite of our success in business – but because of it.  We would have circles of influence – opportunities to be friends with – and the chance to speak into the lives of people that others (without this background) could never hope to come in contact with.  They would not be the ones God would anoint to carry the light of Christ into the marketplace.

God calls some people to serve inside the Church, and this is a precious call.  Yet, others are anointed to ministry in the marketplace.  Both are valid.  Both are answering a divine calling.  But – if you look at the reality of our culture, MUCH (maybe even most) of ministry does not happen inside the four walls of a church.  It happens in your everyday life – right where God has planted you!

And God says, “the harvest is plentiful – the workers are few.”

Isn’t it time we all got busy being ambassadors for Christ in everyday lives?    

How about you?

Where has God planted you?

Where has he given you influence?

With urgency, we say…

Step into your anointing and do not undervalue YOUR ministry in the marketplace!

With a smile, and maybe even a sigh of relief, we think you will hear God say, “I can work with that!”