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I was the first in my family to be saved. Thank you Jesus!

From that moment, my heart ached for those I loved to be saved as well.

Yet…just as it was for me. It is a personal journey that only they could walk.

Prayer…and lots of it…was my strong ally in those times of deep longing.

Yet, I often found myself wondering, what can I “do”?

Over and over again God said, “Leave it to me.” And as only He can – God has reassured me with His Word from the book of Joel saying, “I will restore the years the locust has eaten.” And indeed He has.

I was just reminded of that again in an amazing conversation with my son who will soon be 30. (This is my son who spent the years from 16 – 26 lost in addiction…but has now been set FREE. Again…thank you Jesus!)

Just a few week ago – as we finished up a conversation where he was seeking guidance with how to handle some things at work – he looked at me and said, “I am so glad you can be both a wise resource for career guidance…and be my Mom too.”

That may not sound like much. But with all those crazy years that the locust had eaten – for my son to get to the place where he values who I can be for him…and not just what I can do for him – well, that is HUGE!!!

I think that may be how God looks at us too?!?

If we are always going to God with nothing but requests…

If we never want to simply be in grateful conversation…

If we never seek his wisdom and guidance…

I think a beautiful part of our relationship with the Father is missing.

Just as my son’s gratitude…and willingness to seek my guidance…was pure joy to a mother’s ears.

So too it must be for the Lord.

If you have experienced the restoration of the Lord…

If you have been blessed by His wise counsel…

Why not take time today to go into His presence and tell Him how grateful you are?

It will be pure joy to His ears as well.