iStock_000002746497XSmallWho am I?

That is one of the most asked – but least answered questions on the planet.

In fact, statistics tell us that 97% of people struggle with this question their entire lives – yet never come up  with an answer that satisfies their soul.

Changing those statistics and helping people embrace their God-given identity  is at the heart of what we do. It is a foundational piece of our process as we help people discover the purpose God has designed and created them to live.

Yet, we often find the question  goes much deeper.  The real question  is not “who am I” but “who am I that God would want to use me?”

This is where identity becomes a struggle of reconciling what the world has to say – versus what God would have you know.   It is that inner turmoil of  trying to sort out who you are rather than who you wish you could be.   It’s that never ending game of comparison – trying to measure up  – wanting to finally feel “good enough”.

As I was reading Paul’s prayer in 1 Timothy 1: 12-17, I realized that even the greatest apostles who ever lived had the same kind of thoughts.    He knew he was among the “worst of sinners”, yet “God considered him faithful and appointed him to his service”.  Paul knew that God poured out his mercy – calling him into his work of carrying the gospel to the Gentiles – not so Paul would be glorified, but that a watching world would see the love, grace and long-suffering patience of the God he served!  God was pleased to use Paul as an  example to  those so would believe and receive eternal life.

As I read this prayer in 1 Timothy – I thought of my own story, and I have read it every day since God shined the light on these verses of Scripture.  If only each and every one us – sinners saved by grace – could believe this life altering truth!  

As Priscilla Shier shares in her study on Gideon:

God not only has the desire, but the patience and the power  

  • to save you

  • to change you

  • to use you

  • to walk with you

Think not about what you used to do or who you wish you could be.  But look at all that God is doing in you, and remember you are a beautiful work in progress.  

Focus on how far you have come.  

Praise Him for how you have been transformed.  

Never doubt that he wants to use you!!!