We have grand babies in 3 cities, and this past week took us to Philly to celebrate an early Christmas with our family up there.  Much to our surprise, we also found ourselves in weather that looked nothing like Tampa!  As we sat at the airport for our flight home – cancellation after cancellation were blurted out over the public address system, then – the entire airport – CLOSED.

As people  were lining up to rebook flights – we jumped on our phones and the ipad.  First – the hotel at the airport.  Secure a room.  We booked one of the last available.  Next – a flight.  We got 2 spots on a 7:30 AM flight the next morning.  Just as we did – they announced that there would be NO flights the rest of the day.

As we walked through the airport to our hotel – we were amazed at the copious amounts of snow continuing to fall – and began thanking God for his provision, his favor, and the clarity of mind to think and act quickly!

The hotel lobby was bustling with activity when we arrived, and we knew we were indeed blessed to have gotten a reservation – but not only that – the gentleman behind the counter thanked us for our patience – upgraded us to the concierge level of the hotel AND took 30% off the regular rack rate for our room.  We were grateful AND amazed.

Quietly, I felt God saying, “See – I’m real!  I’m with you in the big things – but I’m here in the little details of life as well”.  As he spoke this sweet message into my heart, it reminded me of a conversation I had with my step daughter the night before.

She and our son-in-law have 2 beautiful children – the youngest being a sweet little boy with special needs.  He is progressing in amazing ways  – yet he often requires energy and attention that takes everything his parents have to give.   There are times, when the road seems long and the responsibility wearisome.  Yet they persevere.

One such afternoon,  sleep would not come and the struggle of nap time was underway.  To give up or give in?  To insist on a nap but still be uncertain what he understands or doesn’t?  The heartache…the heartbreak…his sweet Mama found herself in a puddle outside his door – weeping and seeking.  Telling God she wasn’t sure she could do this anymore – and asking for His help!

Finally – sleep came.  As it did – Mom found her way to Facebook to take her mind off the immediate struggle.  Much to her amazement, the first message she read was a devotional reminding her that God is her strength.  That he will do what she cannot.  In fact, he told her that his strength is made greatest in her weakness.

At that very moment, she knew that God was there – sending her this much-needed message and the assurance she was seeking.   She knew – right then a there – God is real!