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As most of you know, I am walking the road of a Mom whose 28-year-old daughter is fighting and – with the miraculous help of God – beating breast cancer!

Seems impossible…but here we are.

Prayer…and those who pray alongside us… is our most powerful weapon.

Faith is a must.

And trusting God in ALL things has taken on completely new meaning.

Yet…in all honesty…there have still been days when hope has been hard to hang onto.



I go to those Words that long ago God prompted me to memorize and hide in my heart.

Those “go to” scriptures that have the power to bring back a sense of peace when I need it most. (My 2 favorites: Philippines 4:6-7 and Romans 5:3-5.)

 I can breathe again.



Where is my phone…my ipad???

Straight to my Pandora app for some praise and worship!

Hillsong United

Toby Mac


Casting Crowns

Brandon Heath

Michael W. Smith…

 I can smile again.



There’s this one special book, “There’s No Place Like Hope”.

This is Vickie Girard’s “little blue book” for cancer patients and their families.

Her message is hopeful, encouraging and powerful.

She helps you hang on to the deepest desire of your heart when faced with cancer.

It is beatable – treatable – survivable!

You can be CANCER-FREE.

“We may have cancer but cancer does not have us!”

I can hope again!


And today…I have another resource I want to share with you: Dr. Caroline Leaf. (www.drleaf.com)

In her recent blog post, THE EFFECT OF WORSHIP ON THE BRAIN AND GENERAL HEALTH, she writes:

The Bible has proposed worship as an antidote to mental conditions such as worry and anxiety.

For instance Jesus told us not to worry about the necessities of life, but to seek first the Kingdom of God, then all these things will be added’ to us. Seeking first the Kingdom of God involves worship. Paul’s cure for anxiety is prayer, supplication with thanksgiving. Much of the Book of Psalms is an intimate look into how to overcome mental anguish through worship. Do we see evidence of worship having a positive effect on the brain and therefore on the rest of the body? The answer is emphatically- yes!

Interestingly secular science is proposing that we are wired for God, that is, our brains have been designed to commune with God. Studies of Carmelite and Franciscan nuns engaged in worship has shown positive changes in numerous anatomical structures of the brain- the occipital-parietal circuit, the parietal-frontal circuit, frontal lobe, thalamus, amygdala, striatum and anterior cingulate gyrus. The emerging medical field of psychoneuroimmunolgy is recognizing the central role of worship in the prevention, amelioration and cure of disease. For instance in a study by the University of Miami on the progress of AIDS Dr. Gail Ironson found that:

Turning to God rather than rejecting God appears to boost your immune system and stave off the disease nearly five times as effectively,”.


I just love it when science and medicine line up with Scripture and the teachings of Jesus. Proving once again – to a watching and wondering world – that our faith is more than just a blind leap. It is grounded in TRUTH and has the power to bring life, health, hope and healing!

Jesus promises, “I have come that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly”.

So…whatever you are going through…grieve…cry…let the sadness be felt…but don’t stay there. Don’t give into the fear of it…the pain of it…the long lonely nights of it.


Praise, Worship, Pray.

Find ways that you know will lift you up and out of the funk.


Everyone needs to be ready to take the dark trials of life and learn – step by step – to breathe again…smile again…hope again!


If you have ways that work for you…please take a minute and share them here. The more we have in our arsenal – the better!


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