iStock 000009238828XSmall - Nehemiah Entrepreneurship CommunityJesus said, “go and make disciples”.   He gave us the Holy Spirit,  but He also commanded that we  establish earthly counsel and guidance.  He did not want His people to “go it alone”.

In keeping with this command, we believe  God is calling Christian coaches to be an important part of discipleship in today’s church.

As Christian coaches we have the privilege of combining the wisdom, guidance and counsel of a coach – while also bringing spiritual growth, prayer and the power of the Word into our work with clients.   Wow – no wonder  you will often hear us say, ” Our work is not just a job – it’s our calling!!!”

It’s like the work of Identity and Destiny.

Our growing,  worldwide community of licensed facilitators lead their clients through a 3-phase process of life purpose discovery that is more than interesting…not just exciting…but truly transformational!

In the words of our client  Carolyn:

“I owned a business for seven years but it no longer felt “right”. I wasn’t sure what was out of alignment or what to do next.  Thanks to your program I was able to identify my core values and clarify why I was losing interest in my work. Even more important, I was able to articulate my identity and my calling. I now have a compass for whatever business I choose to start next.

Identity and Destiny has helped me become more in tune with myself as well as my relationship with God. You gave me new tools and methods for strengthening that relationship which is going far beyond the time spent working the program.  Please know how thankful I am for the opportunity to go through the Identity & Destiny program.”

Using Identity and Destiny – 7 Steps to a Purpose-filled Life – here is how the process unfolds:

First  comes a deep and exciting journey of self-discovery.  Allowing you to embrace the truth that you are chosen, beautifully created and specifically designed for the plans God has for your life.

Next  comes a fearless look at the things that might be holding you back – that could stand in the way of  living the wonderful purpose God has for your life.

Finally comes the blessing of taking all you have learned to God and asking Him what it means.  It is about powerful spiritual disciplines that help you learn to clearly hear God’s voice – trust what you are hearing – and rest in the truth that you are fearfully and wonderfully made!  It’s about knowing that God has something very specific for you – and it matters for all eternity.  And so do you!!!

We are blessed beyond measure to know that…

Thousands of people have been blessed by this program.

Thousands have been released into the purpose God has for their lives.

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