iStock 000006971254XSmall - Nehemiah Entrepreneurship CommunityIn last week’s blog post I began a dialogue about Marketplace Ministry.

But, you may be saying, “I’ve heard that term – I’m just not sure what it means?”

First, it is critical that you know what it means…AND begin to see the eternal ramifications – and enormous potential – this concept has for the expansion of God’s Kingdom!

As a believer who wants to serve God, you may find yourself often wishing you could abandon your “work”, go into full time ministry or join the staff of a local church.

Yet…current statistics show that only 2% of us are truly called to be pastors, leaders or staff members in the church. Thus, by simple math, that means the rest of us are left to make an impact in the world for Christ some other way.

Voila….marketplace ministry is for the rest of us. The 98%! We are the Christians called, purposed and designed to expand the Kingdom of God in our own corner of the world.

Here…let me tell a story that might explain a little further:

I was recently at a luncheon and sat next to a gentleman I did not know. We began to exchange the usual pleasantries, and as I asked about what he did, he said, “I know about you and your husband – I wish I could be doing God’s work everyday like you are doing with Identity and Destiny.”

Hmmm…trying not to jump right up on my soapbox…I began to ask more questions. He talked about a mission trip here and there, he talked about discipling a couple of new believers over the years, he talked about serving at his church…never mentioning his job as a corporate sales rep. I finally asked, “Have you ever had e chance to be a witness for Jesus in the course of your relationships at work?”

Instantly he said, Yes!!! He began to recall person after person he had been able to show love and compassion toward. He even had the chance to lead some to salvation in The Lord. It turns out that these were opportunities that came only after years of relationship building…only after ongoing contact that his work could have provided.

As we talked, his eyes brightened. He was beginning to see himself differently. He was beginning to see his work differently. He was beginning to see that God had given him an amazing platform – a chance to connect deeply with people in the everyday circumstances of life. He was uniquely positioned to do this in a place called work. A place where he alone could be the catalyst for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

Now…that is marketplace ministry!!!

In the coming week, take a some time to think about this story and how it relates to your own circumstances.

Do you need to see yourself differently?
Do you need to see your role in the Kingdom differently?
Do you need to embrace this idea of Marketplace Ministry…and get on about the work of the Father…right where you are?