When life gets crazy-busy…

When we’ve had our focus on everything but each other…

or – most of the time –

When I simply want to hear him say these words…


I have this little thing I say to my husband:

Me:    Do you love me?

Tom:  Yes I do!

Me:    How much?

Tom:  Tons and tons!!!

Me:    Are you sure?

Tom:  Yes “Wolfie” – tons and tons!

I smile…he laughs…and so it goes.

It is so simple…but it is a ritual that feeds my soul.  Even after 22 years together, a good dose of love and reassurance does this girl’s heart good!

I think Jesus must feel the same way?

I think he loves to hear us tell Him how much we love him!

And in the spiritual realm…it is first our words…and then our actions that show our words to be true.

Just as it is with Tom and I…

If his actions as a husband did not match those words of endearment – I would probably find myself wondering about their sincerity.

In John 21 – Peter had denied Christ -then 3 times Jesus asked him,

Peter, do you love me…

Each time he replied… Yes Lord…you know I do.

Then comes part B of this conversation.

Jesus replies to each profession of love with an action He wants Peter to take…

Feed my lambs.

Take care of my sheep.

Feed my sheep.

And in the end he gives Peter his ultimate “assignment”, “Follow me”.

Words of love…followed by consistent action…the key to love well-given AND well-received.

So, here’s the million-dollar question:

How are you saying – and showing – the Lord that you love Him?

If we take the example in John 21 – it seems what he most wants to see – after we give our hearts to him – is a life that is given to the specific assignment he has for us.

And not just any purpose – but your purpose!
(Oh yea…read the rest of the chapter in John 21 and see what Jesus says to Peter when he starts worrying about John’s assignment vs. what God had just asked of him!?!)

Could it be that living according to YOUR purpose is one of the clearest demonstrations of love that you can give to God?

If you are ready…we can help.

Check out our 40 day workbook – Identity and Destiny -7 Steps to Purpose.

Get going!  Isn’t it time to say “I love you” to God with your actions and not just your words?