If you have been following me for awhile – you know I am doing a 1 year read through the Bible…but truth be told,  I’m now in year 3! ?!

I am happy to report that it’s not for lack of diligence or persistence – but a conscious desire to move slowly.  To meditate on what I read and spend time each morning journaling with the Lord.  I don’t want to simply check off the day’s assignment but allow God to help me hear and understand what He has to say.

Right now – I’m in 2 Kings.  I don’t know about you – but all those kings and nations – the battles and the bloodshed – can make my head spin after awhile.  In the midst of it all,  I am constantly asking the Holy Spirit to point out the Scripture he wants me to take note of – the message he has placed in His Word just for me!

But today, I found nothing.  Not until I began to journal.

By putting pen to paper,  God began to speak.  He showed me how kings and nations were constantly falling into the same old pattern:
Kings anointed.
The people rejoicing.
Idols destroyed and removed.
Pagan gods and rituals being raised back up again.
Kings fall.
The people rejoicing.
Over and over the cycle repeats!

Is there nothing new under the sun?
Still today, we see so many people putting their hope and trust in everything but a personal relationship with the one true God:
-Their government (and all it attempts to supply)
-Their own power, position and  money
-Even the support of the people they love and care about!
-And could it be – even their Church?

Then…as only God can do…He stopped the lesson and poured hope into my soul.  He brought to mind one simple Scripture – Proverbs 3: 5-6.

“Trust in The Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him
and He will make your paths straight.”

I know this scripture but it has been a while since I have thought about it.
What a wonderful reminder for me to walk by faith – not to be discouraged by  what I can see – to listen intently with my heart – and TRUST THE ONE WHO IS TRUSTWORTHY!!!

As we approach the holiday season and the start of a new year – I am thanking God for this sweet reminder.  I am going to be meditating on this Scripture in Proverbs and really allow God to continue to speak into my life – and my circumstances – through this particular verse.

I am not yet sure what all it means.  I am not sure that I fully comprehend all He has to say.  But rather than rush into all the plans for 2014 – rathe than take matters into my own hands –  I am going to be listening a lot more!    I know that if I will spend time with him and be in His Word – He is always speaking, guiding and directing.  The question is, “Am I listening?”  And if I am listening…am I willing to hear?
How about you???
Are you listening?
Do you hear what God is saying to you right now?
Post a comment and share what what you are hearing!