Giraffe in the Serengeti“The mission is too big to be left to the missionaries.”
Christine Caine

One of 54 countries in Africa.
38% Muslim
35% Roman Catholic
20% Voodoo and witchcraft cults
17% Evangelical Christians
1 courageously anointed pastor in a nation that is 5th from the bottom of all nations ranked in poverty.
Yet, Bishop Barnabas Mtokambali is answering the call God has placed on his life and leading powerful revival in his nation.

How is he doing it?
He is not only preaching and teaching about Jesus.
He is building leadership development centers.
He is training and equipping pastors.
He is teaching his people to grow churches and plant new ones.
He is constructing and staffing schools and orphanages.
He is advocating business development and entrepreneurial ventures.

When Jesus said, “Go”.
Bishop Mtokambali took Him seriously.
And, he says to “Go” means to take action!

What drives him?
He loves Jesus.
He knows he is called.
He doesn’t just “believe in” God…he “believes” God.
And his heart breaks for the “people who are dying every day without knowing Jesus.”

Now…here is the key.
He knows that his churches are only a small part of making the difference that is needed.
He knows that he must get into the marketplace and be on mission for God.
And “GO” means – go into the world – go into our places of business – go into every area of influence in our culture…and be the light.

Many who need to meet Jesus will never grace the doors of a church.
That is why Jesus is still saying “GO”.

The time is now.
Allow God to use you.
If you want to make a difference, you have to BE THE DIFFERENCE – right where God has planted you!