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7000 Christian Coaches and Counselors – all in one place!!!
All Christ followers who have come to learn, grow and expand their impact in the marketplace.
Can’t imagine anything better.

It’s the World Conference of the American Association of Christian Counselors and the International Christian Coaching Association.
We have a booth in the exhibit hall – ready to make connections  and answer the big question, “so, what do you do?”

Stop!  Think about that question.

What’s your answer?

Now – jot it down – clearly and succinctly.

If you are stumbling around  trying to find the right words…
If you find yourself going on and on and never getting to the point…
You’re not alone!

In fact – before the exhibit hall even opened – I ran into a fellow exhibitor and asked her the big question.
She grinned and said, I know I need to be ready for that question.   Let’s just practice right now.
She struggled…she giggled…then said – how bout you?

The good news is I was ready to answer her question.
But the truth is – it wasn’t always that way.
It  is a learned skill!
It is a process and a journey.
But – when clarity comes and you can simplify your answer – amazing things begin to happen for you and your business.

My answer???

Hi I’m Pam Wolf
My husband Tom and I work with Christian Coaches, Counselors and Entrepreneurs.
We do 3 things:
# 1 – we help people answer the questions… who am I? – why am I here? – and what does God want me to do with my life?
# 2 – we license and certify them in the use of our signature program, Identity and Destiny – 7 Steps to a Purpose-filled Life
#3 – we equip them with the skills  needed to build their business – and get paying clients to make a living doing what they are called to do.

Without missing a beat – she looked me straight in the eyes and said, ” oh my gosh, I need to come by your booth.  We need to talk!”

Now that is when you know you’ve got it right.
And by “right” – I don’t mean they will always say yes – in fact, they may very well say what you do is of no interest at all.
You’ve connected with someone who fits your “perfect client’ profile – and they know they have met someone they want to know more about.
That is the purpose of a  having a clear answer and a powerful introduction!