Meg, Amanda, NickI’ve been a “working girl” all my life.

I worked hard in school…but I certainly wasn’t one of those who barely cracked a book and still get straight A’s. I never really could figure out how people did that? I had to work to get good grades!

I’ve always worked hard professionally too. Opportunity and doors have been opened but no silver spoon for this girl.

Fortunately that hard work has brought success but not without putting my “Midwestern work ethic” to the test!

Working hard has been a way of life.

Now here is why I tell you all this…

There came a day – at the height of success with the Business Brokering firm I founded – that all I wanted to do was stay home and pray. All I wanted to do was seek God about the one big desire of my heart.

That desire?

The salvation of my 3 children – already ages 14, 17 and 21.

As a late life believer, I had not raised them to know and love Jesus. Geez…I hadn’t even introduced him to them.

Oh – we went to church on Christmas and Easter. And we weren’t antagonistic toward God. We just did not know there was more to it than that.

You know…we were good – “hard working” people. Surely God would overlook the bad – grade us on the curve – and let us into heaven when the time came?

Then…at age 47, I met Jesus, surrendered my heart and fell in love with my Lord.

And then…as every believing parent knows – the greatest desire is for our children to come to know Jesus for themselves.

I just wanted to put the brakes on everything and do nothing but seek God until He saw fit to make that happen.

Now…if I were God, I would probably have looked down and said something like “give it a rest girl!” Or I might have said, “Enough with the control-freak routine.”

But no.

One morning as I was praying through my tears, the tender voice of the Lord spoke into my spirit saying,  “I’ve got this Pam! I have heard your prayers and I’ve got this.”

He then went on to say, “Pick yourself up – and get on about the Father’s business.”

I wasn’t sure what that meant.

But He soon revealed 2 assignments in the days that followed:

#1 – Open your home for the neighborhood bible study, plant the seeds of salvation and see the fruit that will come forth. (And indeed it did…and continues in the homes of others to this day!)

#2 – Know that your work is not just a job – it is your calling. It is what I have gifted and designed you to do. Your work is worship when done for me…and sharing your love for me (as I open doors and prepare hearts) is actually marketplace ministry!


In obedience I went back to work with new purpose and energy…trusting God with the hearts – lives and souls of my children.

And this I know for certain…when we get on about the Father’s business….blessings follow obedience.

When we are obedient to do what we know we are called and destined to do in this world – God will do what we cannot!

And… over the 14 years that have followed…He has been true to his Word. Each of my children, through their own journey, have come to a personal relationship with Jesus.

I stand in awe!

And I wonder – as I share my story – does it stir anything in you?

Is there any place in your life where you are trying to do what only God can do?

Is there a purpose – a destiny…you know you are being called to pursue?

Where do you need to take your hands off and let God do his thing – his way?

And where do you need to be getting on about the Father’s business?

Think about these questions…don’t just click off this blog and go on about your day.

These are perilous times.

The time is NOW!

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