- Nehemiah Entrepreneurship CommunityWhen it comes to being successful – 3 things are required: Skill – Will – and Talent!

Talent is given

Skill is learned.

Will is a choice.

In our work as coaches, we have the opportunity to travel all over the country meeting other Christian coaches, counselors and entrepreneurs. They love what they do and know they are making a difference. But deep down, they know there is something more they are called to do.

They have the developed and honed their skills and are really good at what they do! And they don’t stop there – they continue to taking classes, attending conferences and studying to add to their skills.

They have discovered their gifts and talents, and they know this is the Lord’s way of helping them be especially good at what they do AND how they do it!

Yet, doing all this good work – they remain the best kept secret in the marketplace. They know there are many more people they could…and should…be helping. Word of mouth referrals are working, but it’s not enough to fill their client funnel and build a business that makes an even bigger impact in the marketplace!

Do they have the talent to be good at the sales and marketing required to do that? You bet!!!

Do they have the skills to be good at what it takes to build a business? Often they do, but if not, those are skills that can be rather easily learned.

The question remains, “Are they willing?”

The answer is often “NO”.

Knowing what action are required of us means little without the will to do those actions!

Willing says , I will do what I know to do – while working to fill the “skill gaps” where I know I need the help.

Willing says, I will take the skills and talent I already have and do everything I can with what I have.

Willing says, I see the vision, I hear the call, I will do whatever it takes. You can count on me to do your work Lord – IN FULL MEASURE!

God will often take those of us with less skills and talent and do great things – if only we are willing.

So. it all boils down to one simple question, “Are you willing?”