checklist imageRushing across the parking lot to greet my friend for a quick cup of coffee, I offer the usual,  “Hey, how are you?”

The common reply used to be “fine – how bout you?”

But now? It’s “busy!”

The answer is always, “Busy!”


Staying far too busy is the great paradox of our day!

We have all the conveniences and time saving tools we could ever imagine…yet were all too busy!!!

Too busy doing what?

  • Eating right – or grabbing fast food?
  • Exercising regularly – or grabbing one more hour at the office?
  • Phoning an elder parent – or collapsing in front of the TV?
  • Coffee with a friend – or lost time on email or social media?
  • Time in the morning with Jesus – or one more tap of the snooze?

Truth be told…this is my struggle too!

I stand convicted that it is time for the things that really matter.

Our days are short – we need to spend them wisely!

So how do we do that?

Simple…but not easy!

Make a plan to change things.

Be accountable to someone for your plan.

Then DO IT!

If not…nothing will ever be different!

Here’s my checklist for a Summer of Change:

  1. Live in my God-given Sweet Spot and do what gives me joy
  2. Know my core values – passion – gifts…and step into them
  3. Prioritize time spent with those I love – and make it happen
  4. Give myself permission to take care of me
  5. Above all else, as it says in my Jesus Calling devotional today, “be willing to fight for precious time with The Lord!”

Actually – I’m going to make Number 5 my Number 1!

With a plan like this – Opposition will come!

But if I start my day with Jesus and ground myself in the Word – I will gain the strength I need to resist the opponents.


And here’s how I will I know when I’ve reached my goal:

It’s when I can genuinely begin answering a greeting with, “Fine”

And if I’m busy – it will be with all the right things!


Are you ready to join me???

Or are you just too busy?

Jump on a FREE clarity call with me and let me help you with your plan!