A gorgeous Sunday afternoon – sun shining…a bit of a breeze…and a break in the summer-like humidity already moving into Florida.Perched on the edge of my folding chair, ready to watch my 12 year old granddaughter play flag football.  


Yep – football!

Boys and girls side by side – with the best man (or women) for the job being called to play!

Long blonde hair in braids…suited up…mouth guard in…and ready to play.

Quick off the mark…hands that seemed to be made of sticky-glue – amazing!

They won the championship beating the only undefeated team.

Seeing Haley play, compete and win was super exciting.

Better yet was watching my son bursting with pride as he watched his step-daughter play!

Yes…that would be the same boy who at 10 doubted girls belonged on Little League teams!?

That was until he “had to play” with a girl and quickly learned she was the best 3rd basemen he had ever played with!?!

Guess we’ve all come a long way – eh???  

Today, women have just as many choices as men do.

They can work as homekeepers and Mom’s…start their own businesses…or head out into the corporate world, education, ministry or government.

Whatever they are purposed and called to do – those doors are open.

Yet…in each of those roles..with each of those choices there is great opportunity and responsibility.   There are costs and rewards.  There are challenges and the need for the support of others.

And there are lots of places to get that support.

Women’s ministry – networking groups – social organizations – sports and hobbies – homeschool coops and neighborhood Bible studies…just to name a few.

Yet, there is one group of women who seem to have fewer choices when it comes to true peer-to-peer support and encouragement.

That is why – on March 22 – I announced the formation of the Christian Women of Influence Mastermind Group.  In just 3 weeks since that launch, the first 6 of 10 seats in the group have been filled.  Amazing women ready to give as much as they get.  Ready to leverage the platforms they have built – while helping each other increase income – impact – and influence for the Kingdom.

There are only 4 open seats remaining.

Does one of those chairs have your name on it?

Don’t delay – our inaugural meeting is May 18 2016!

To learn more click over and read my Blog from March 22, 2016

Or contact me directly:  





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