Wolf_20Jun2016-111I remember the day my little girl was born…August 14 will be 30 years.

Where has the time gone?

Distant memories held in the crevices of my memory…while others seems fresh and new…as if just yesterday.

I remember gazing into the crystal blue eyes of this spunky little girl and wondering what the future would hold?

Dreaming big dreams for her.  Seeing nothing but limitless possibilities.

Great hopes for her life, her accomplishments and her destiny.  For her friends, her carefree days, her goals  and even the man she would someday marry.

Yet, in this often harsh world that dream of a perfect life rarely plays out the way we hope or imagine.  

A million reasons why…a million different stories weaving together in the reality of “real life”.

For Amanda…as for many of you…the trials of life have blindsided you.  Leaving you reeling and wondering how your dreams could be so drastically derailed?  

Maybe your journey was not a cancer diagnosis, but you’ve been blindsided nonetheless!  And sometimes when your dreams get slammed – those who love and care about you are part of the collateral damage….as it was for my daughter’s amazing husband, Jonah.

I marvel every day at a man who could weather the storm of his wife’s breast cancer when his bride was barely 28!

He has not only weathered the storm, but inspired me with his courage, his strength and his unwavering faith.

He continued to work…and not just work but excel in his career…being top ranked in his company.  All while caring for his wife and coming home most every evening to 2 little girls who needed to be fed, bathed and put to bed…before he stopped long enough to eat his own dinner or take a moment to sit down.  .    

Every evening he would come through the door, gently kiss his wife and reassure her of his love…his commitment to vows he had no idea meant this kind of journey!?!

As they walked through the abyss of treatment, surgeries, doctors appointments, side effects and report after report with little hope…he was strong for both of them…when she had nothing left to give.

In the Word every day and continuously on his knees in faith – he persevered.  He persevered in love when so many men (much his senior) would walk away.   And sadly, often do.  

I remember asking, “How are you, Jonah?”

“I’m OK”.

“No – really – how are you?”

His soft but sure reply,

“I learned a long time ago that life can take you down.  I learned life can be hard…even harsh. “

“I may let it get me down for a little while – but I don’t stay there.”

“I just get up and keep going.”

“So now…I am choosing to get up and keep going.”

Could there be any better picture of Godly perseverance?

Is my daughter – and our entire family –  not blessed beyond measure to have this be the man that God would have her marry?

He will tell you quickly and humbly that it is only in the power of the Lord that any of it is possible.  

And although this “real life” story is not what I dreamed for Amanda, we are all playing the hand we’ve been dealt…and (as strange as it may sound), we are blessed indeed.

Today and everyday I want to say thank you, Jonah.  We love you immeasurably!

You are truly a man after God’s own heart!


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