iStock 000016196099XSmall - Nehemiah E-CommunityI love to journal with God in my morning “quiet time” and today I share from some of my recent writings as I spent time with the Lord in  2 Chronicles 1.  It begins…

Solomon could have had whatever he wanted, yet he did not ask for wealth, riches, honor or even the death of his enemies.   He asked for the wisdom and knowledge to govern the people over whom God had had made him king.

Because Solomon was so unselfish, since he came from such a place of responsibility for the position he had been given and since he had such a deep desire  to serve his people with great wisdom – the Scripture says that God was very pleased.  As a result,  God Gave him greater riches and power over his enemies than any king before or since!

Wow!  When I was writing this in my journal back in January, I had to stop and take a moment and let that sink in.

Then, God clearly began to say, “I always look at the heart, Pam.  It is always about motives and intent.  Man tends to go by outward appearances,  but I go by what is in your heart.  And you can be assured – just as with Solomon – I honor those who are fully devoted to their unique assignment, and the people I have called them to lead and serve.”

So, what is your unique assignment from God right now?

Who are you being called to lead and serve?

No matter how you answered, each of us is all called to lead and serve in some capacity or another.  God has a plan and a purpose for each of us – and it is always bigger than “self“.  It always involves some form of leading-by-example and serving others!

Won’t you join me in seeking God for wisdom, humility and purity of motives?  Join me, so that – as we lead and serve – we know when God looks into our hearts, He will be pleased.

Where do you need an extra measure of wisdom and knowledge in your life right now?

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