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My list of things to do, places to be and people to take care of never seem to end.

My husband calls this a lack of margin…I call it crazy-busy – and (if I’m really honest) my struggle to say NO!

Throughout the day, I often find myself putting out fires and responding to the urgent ( but is it really?) – rather than being able to do what I value most!

Like just the other day.  I really had a burden on my heart to spend time with my 87 year old mother, but a doctor’s appointment, conference calls and client meetings already had my day filled to the brim. Rather than going by and having lunch with her, a phone call had to suffice.

Is that how God would have me live? I don’t think so!?

Then…as only God can do…when I got to my email last evening, there waited a message from Michael Hyatt…and what was it about? Margin!


Do you think God is trying to get my attention?

Do you think He’s trying to tell me, “Yes Pam, I want you purposeful and productive, but I still want you to keep some unscheduled “white space” on your calendar”?

How about you?

Do you think God might want you to be more available to his promptings by having a schedule that allows the flexibility to actually respond?

As a result of reading Michael Hyatt’s post…I’m laying out my perfect week…and this time, I’m leaving some blank space. I really want to live my life responsive to the Spirit and ready to enjoy those divine appointments and assignments when they come my way.

Won’t you read this post and join me in making some changes?

Isn’t it time to “de-clutter” your calendar and begin living with more peace…God-given purpose…and sanity?

Read, enjoy and let me know your plans! Share your ideas…and let’s encourage each other as we head out on this journey!

– Pam Wolf