iStock 000016285548XSmall - Nehemiah E-Community“Life is tough. Struggles, hard times and trials will come. When they do, look around you.  God is probably bringing someone alongside you to pour grace into your life.  Grace to turn your life around so that one day you can help turn someone else’s life around.”   

Dr. Tim Clinton, President of the American Association of Christian Counselors

Hi I’m Pam.  I work with my husband Tom in this amazing business called Identity and Destiny.  We love what we do and know we are making an impact in the world for Christ.  What could be better than that?

Yet – the truth be told – it can be really hard work.  You see…when you know your work is not just a job – but a calling.  When you know there is a sense of urgency to “get on about the Father’s business”.  When you know there is far too much to do and never enough time to get it all done.  You can tend to take it all on your own shoulders…you begin  trying to run in your own strength…and that is when it goes from work that is being carried along by the power of the Holy Spirit to work that simply feels exhausting!

When that happens.  I have learned to recognize the warning signals.

I have learned to turn my heart…my time…my calendar and my never-ending list of things to do – back over to the Lord.

I stop…I pray…I get into the Word.  And yesterday…on the spur of the moment I accepted an invitation for lunch from a Godly friend who was in need of some advice and counsel regarding her ministry’s vision and plans.

We sat outside in beautiful weather…enjoyed a lovely lunch on the porch…chatted about her business…and then, she looked over at me and said, “Are you OK?”

It took me back for a moment.

But as I let my guard down and began to talk about my sense of overwhelm…my deep desire to do so much for the Lord…my need to put balance back into my life.  I felt that this was God bringing that person alongside me to give me the grace, the hope, the perspective that I needed. And the wonderful thing about our conversation…she really understood me.  She encouraged me…she assured me that I was not alone.  I knew – right then and there –  that God was using this time to show me the value of special friends like this that He brings into my life.

Perhaps the grace I was shown by my sweet friend was so I could offer it to you today?

So, today I am praying for everyone who reads these words – for grace, for peace and for the encouragement you need  – no matter what you are facing!!!

And, today, I am thanking God for this “cool drink of water” from my friend as she looked into my eyes and cared to ask about me.  Not just the surface stuff…but the real stuff that I hide from most people.

Thank you Jesus for sending me this friend.  She was my Jesus with skin on…right when I needed it most.

Do you need that today?  Or, maybe you can be that for someone else?  Don’t miss the chance to be refreshed…or to refresh those God puts in your path.  Dare to look below the surface and offer grace!