We are now only 1 Week away from the launch of a brand new format for the 7 Steps program!

STARTING MONDAY MAY 16, 2011 – the 7 Steps will be available in a self-guided workbook:”Identity and Destiny-7 Steps to a purpose -filled life.”

In January of 2010 I was working on the Identity and Destiny workbook.  I wanted to find my copy of “The Power of a Spoken Blessing” by Bill Gothard for details about blessings.  I believe a blessing from our fathers is absent from our society today.   I have found  that when you go through The 7-Steps to Purpose program and verbalize your Identity and Destiny statements, the emotional impact is similar to receiving a blessing from your ultimate Father.  Thus, the search for Bills’ book.

I have a very extensive library in my office, hundreds of book, and storage under the book shelves.  This is where I keep manuals, pamphlets, completed Bible study materials and any other paperwork that wouldn’t look good on the the book shelves.  I assumed Bill Gothards’ book was in the storage area with old Bible studies and figured on a good hour search for this little tool.  I opened the doors and saw shelves that were full and other material in piles.  After a few minutes of survey and wandering where to begin the search, I shot a prayer for help.  I grabbed the closest pile to the door and began my search.  I guess I didn’t have a solid grasp of all the stuff because out of the middle fell a white book about 1/4 inch thick and only 4 inches by 6 inches.  I set the 2 handfuls of material down before it all dropped, and turned to retrieve what fell.  You guessed it-“The Power of a Spoken Blessing”!  Since I don’t believe in coincidences, I thanked the Lord for His help.  This to me is one more sign of God’s hand on “Identity and Destiny-7 Steps to a purpose -filled life.”  Your thoughts?