3 weeks and counting until the release of our new workbook,  Identity and Destiny – 7 Steps to a Purpose-filled Life!

But as so often occurs –  I plan…God intervenes.

I sat down at my computer this morning ready to do my blog post.  I was preparing to tell you how God amazingly intervened to help us bring a team of virtual assistants together to do all the “back end” administration required to bring up our new web site and launch the book.

But, I was soon to learn that was NOT the post that God had in mind!

Before I started on the blog, I decided to take a quick look at my email – dangerous way to get sidetracked, I know – but I did it any way.  And for once,  I’m  really glad I did!

I have a very dear friend, Diana, who is battling breast cancer.  She has had the surgeries and now is beginning her chemo.   Her posts on Caring Bridge are so uplifting  – even in the midst of her circumstances – that I can hardly wait to read her words of faith and encouragement each time she updates her site.

As Tom and I have been sharing our stories of the ways God works through everyday circumstances, I just have to share some of her post from today…

We finished up at Moffitt and went to get our car from the Valet. The benches where people waited were full… until I walked up. Someone left, so I sat down… next to a young woman. Bud noticed she had a port in her upper chest (she was wearing a sun dress) and he said, “I see you got a port today.” He had noticed her earlier in the day without the port.

[Quick aside: This is a rare thing, for Bud to initiate a very personal comment like that with a stranger. It was the 3rd or 4th time he had done this yesterday… reaching out with a brief word of encouragement… Like his compliment to the woman on the elevator about how nicely her hair was growing back… Maybe in a way, cancer provides some “common ground” so you’re not totally strangers anymore? It’s also a glimpse into the part of Buddy’s heart that few are privileged to see…]

Anyway, Bud left to talk to the Valet and I kept talking with the woman… or, rather, she kept talking to me. In the 2 minutes before her car came, she shared the short version of her story. In part, perhaps, because she needed to tell someone? In part, NO QUESTION, because You, Lord, were speaking to me and Buddy through her.

She said she’s at “the beginning” of the process… She starts chemo next week. But her cancer journey began one year ago. She had breast cancer, double mastectomy with reconstruction. One year ago, she refused to take chemo. Now, cancer has spread to her bones. Her kids are upset… and have said, “Mom, you WILL take the treatment now… please!” She has agreed. She added, “My doctor tried to tell me but I wouldn’t listen. Now… “

When Buddy returned with our car, I said “Do you realize what just happened? The Lord just gave us confirmation for the path we are on (chemotherapy)! Do you realize the divine orchestration that was necessary for us to be at that bench at that exact moment so He could deliver that message to us through her???) Lord, how You take my breath away…

God speaks…God acts…God intervenes.

Please keep Diana and Bud in your prayers and remember, there are no coincidences in God’s economy.

God speaks and He has answers.

Look, listen…be ready to see him working in your life!

Do you have a story…we would love to have you share it here!