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The Bible holds eight powerful principles for living a life of blessing. They are found in the last words of a father to his son in 1 Chronicles 28 and 29, as King David is preparing his son Solomon to assume the throne. King David knows his son has been chosen by God for great things. He knows Solomon will build the Temple and be required to lead the – often wayward — people of Israel. As David chooses his words, he is not just thinking like a royal, he is thinking like a Dad! He wants to give his son his very best guidance and wisdom, but he also wants to give him benefit of his many hard-learned lessons, spare him the same mistakes and put him on a secure path to blessing.

Is there any better gift a parent can give a child?

Although it has been decades, it makes me think back on losing my father, over 30 years ago.

I lost him when I was just 24 years old — fresh out of college and just beginning to work with him in our family business. I had been on the phone with my Dad just the night before. He was full of life, asking lots of questions and passing along valuable instructions based on decades of experience.

Less than 24 hours later, a heart attack abruptly ended his life.

You know, I always wondered how people survived the loss of a loved one. But, what I recall most is the period of numbness that seems to set in. I remember that first night, sitting on the end of my bed, holding my knees to my chest and simply rocking. Thoughts streaming, fears rising, doubts coming…but then came the memories. Memories of his strong hands, his determined work ethic, his success mindset…and yes, his last words – words that would serve me well for years to come.

Now – I know that words of a parent are not always a blessing, but if there have been parents, mentors or friends who have imparted words of wisdom and encouragement into your life – we would love for you share them.

I will be sharing some of my favorites from my Dad in my next post – but for now, I’d love to hear from you. Take a moment and comment below.

A word of wisdom that has blessed your life has the power to bless others!