Your Gift’s Impact On Urban America

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Special thanks to those of you who have already made your end of year contribution towards the gift of business campaign. Our focus this week is on how your gift impacts Urban America. Why does an international organization like us maintain a deliberate focus on Urban America? Does that distract from our international focus?

The Nehemiah Project International has offered its programs in over 22 countries around the world and currently maintains active programs in 15 of those countries, with a commitment to continue to expand internationally. As important as our international initiatives are, we believe that good charity begins at home. Therefore, we must maintain a strong commitment to the U.S. as we grow internationally, especially in our urban cities.

The Nehemiah Project started in Urban America. The first Biblical Entrepreneurship class was offered in Washington, D.C. in 1997 and many of the urban entrepreneurs that we served in the first 10 years became the major donors who provided the resources to grow the mission of Nehemiah. We can not forget where we came from and we can not ignore the growing plight of unemployment, drugs, and crime that continues to overwhelm the urban communities of America.

Join us in our commitment to ensure that every urban entrepreneur who needs a scholarship and additional support to access our programs to start or grow a kingdom business, is able to receive that. We never want money to hinder anyone willing to invest in themselves and committed to creating jobs for others.

Give the Gift of Business Today

This is why several years ago, we launched the Nehemiah Urban Initiative. It is an initiative that partners with urban leaders and entrepreneurs to ensure that Biblical Entrepreneurship is accessible for urban communities. We are currently working with several organizations in Central Florida including, but not limited to, Lift Orlando, Four 12, the Youth Empowerment Project, the Dream Center, Hope Church, and other urban organizations and leaders to build kingdom businesses in the urban communities. Our vision is to replicate this initiative in other communities throughout the U.S. and eventually the prisons. Your gift provides us with the resources to continue and expand these efforts.

Give the Gift of Business Today

Help us close the year strong by making an end-of-year gift towards our goal to raise $100K by December 31st. Your gift will enable us to inspire and equip others around the world to feed others by building kingdom businesses that creates sustainable jobs.

As a special thanks, you will receive a free devotional e-book, 40-Day Coaching Guide by Patrice Tsague.

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Christmas and the Entrepreneur

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Tis’ the season for joyous celebration! There are many holidays and celebrations this time of year. My family and I enjoy many traditions: one of them is volunteering for a Christmas Tree Farm that is a non-profit organization who supports widows in Ukraine by providing homes for them to live in. This season can also become very busy with holiday parties, children’s holiday performances, gift-buying, and the list goes on.

As a business owner, we also have the additional “end-of-year” planning, closing sales to reach our goals, strategic planning for the new year, fulfilling customer requests, and not to mention everyone wanting time off for the holidays. During this busy season, it can often be taxing on our families when we are overwhelmed with work responsibilities.

What can we do this season to make the most of our time celebrating Christmas and other holidays with our family? (Click here to read the rest and find the answer)

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