Your End-of-Year Gift’s Impact in 2018

We at Nehemiah are full of excitement as we recently completed our 2018 strategic plan to ensure maximum impact in 2018. Thank you for the generosity of those who participated in our End-of-Year Campaign. Based on our 2018 strategic plan, we wanted to share with you our Key Performance Indicators (KPI) based on our business model so you can see the potential impact your gift has in 2018.

If you have not yet made your end of year gift, it is not too late. You have until December 31st to mail in your check or make an online contribution. Your gifts not only encourage us to continue, but it is a vote of support for our mission.

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Give the Gift of Business Today

Help us close the year strong by making an end-of-year gift towards our goal to raise $100K by December 31st. Your gift will enable us to inspire and equip others around the world to feed others by building kingdom businesses that creates sustainable jobs.

As a special thanks, you will receive a free devotional e-book, 40-Day Coaching Guide by Patrice Tsague.

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A New Year! A Great Opportunity!

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The New Year will be in a few short weeks and now is the time to begin planning your goals for success. Also, with the New Year comes changes. We are thrilled to announce that one of the changes at Nehemiah Project is the combining of the BE courses. As we move forward, we will be offering it as a certificate course along with adding in supplemental resources for enhanced learning.

Before this change is in full effect, you have a unique opportunity to complete BE II & III simultaneously. We have blended the two courses into one very powerful and effective course. BE II (Practices) and BE III (Planning) have valuable training that will help launch your business forward into the growth you envision. Upon the completion of this course, you have the opportunity to present your plan in front of a panel of judges while competing with your classmates. One winner from the U.S. will compete in our International Business Plan Competition at Nehemiah Week.

If you would like to find out more about it, watch this video. The course starts meeting weekly on January 17th at 6:30 PM EST.

Your trainers/coaches will be:

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Scott Landis, who is a seasoned coach having worked for several years training CEOs and business leaders on all aspects of growing their businesses and has great expertise in group dynamics. He leads the monthly E-Community Business Success Accelerator Group Coaching call.

Randall Sanford, who served in pastoral ministry for 30 years and has since been trained and become experienced in coaching and training with business leaders. He is the Director Of Communications for Nehemiah and his expertise is in the area of marketing and communications.

To register for this course, click below. At the cost of $1,360, this course is a great deal. It awards the participant not only many hours of coaching, video training, and group work, but it enables the student to produce a fully formed, executable, written business plan. Payment plans, E-Community discounts, and couples discounts are available and scholarships can be applied for.

Register for BE II & III Cohort

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