Three Days That Could Change Your Life

Three Day Biblical Entrepreneurship Conference at Nehemiah Week 2017


Our theme this year is Spiritual Warfare in the Marketplace and on October 17 – 19, 2017, we will learn together how to transform the marketplace by the way we pray, plan, and advance the kingdom of God.

Over these three days, we will hear from a wide variety of speakers both in general sessions and in break-out groups. Here is just a taste of the powerful line-up that is in place for the Nehemiah family to enjoy and benefit from:

peter - Nehemiah E-Community

PETER LOWE — Entrepreneur, speaker, and promoter of Get Motivated seminars all across the U.S., introducing leadership-minded people to great motivational speakers as diverse as Colin Powell and Willie Robertson (of Duck Dynasty fame). He used these occasions to share the gospel with literally hundreds of thousands of people.

safari - Nehemiah E-Community

PASTOR SAFARI — Senior Pastor of Parole Du Salut (Word of Salvation) Church in Congo. His ministry reaches 1,000’s of people each week in Kinshasa and has recently trained more than 200 of their congregants as Biblical Entrepreneurs.

tom - Nehemiah E-Community

TOM MEARS — Chairman of Burgerville U.S.A. and former owner of Burgerville Restaurants, an iconic brand in the Pacific Northwest. He recently co-authored “Serve with Love” which provides a history and exploration of their (and his personal) mission statement: “to serve others with love.” Tom is a valued member of the board of Nehemiah Project.

patrice - Nehemiah E-Community

PATRICE TSAGUE — Chief Servant Officer, Nehemiah Project International Ministries. He has trained and coached over 7,000 individuals on Biblical Entrepreneurship. This is his chance to share his heart on the important subject of Spiritual Warfare in the Marketplace as well as bring the Nehemiah family, from all around the world, up-to-date on the new and exciting directions God is taking this international ministry.

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