Overcoming Spiritual Warfare Through
Knowing Our Identity

Psalm 139:14 says, “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well.” When we are confident in our identity in Christ, we have the freedom to praise Him. In the upcoming E-Learning Forum, Pam Wolf, Co-Founder of Tom & Pam Wolf Coaching and co-author of Identity in Destiny, will help us to realize and grasp our identity in Christ and how through knowing and living in our identity/destiny, we have the weapons to triumph in spiritual warfare.

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Date: Tuesday September 12th, 2017
Time: 6:00am – 7:00am Pacific time
Speaker: Pam Wolf
Topic: Overcoming Spiritual Warfare Through Knowing Our Identity

PamWolf - Nehemiah E-Community

Pam and her husband, Tom Wolf, are business success coaches, sought-after speakers, and widely acclaimed authors. Over the last 30 years, Tom has founded and built 4 companies while Pam has built 3. Pam was named Small Business of the Year in Tampa Bay and is co-author of the powerful discovery workbook, “Finding Your God Given Sweet Spot.” Tom and Pam are also building their 8th company: Tom and Pam Wolf Coaching, which includes their work with their signature program, Identity and Destiny.

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“Diamond of Life” and “Serve with Love”
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The Diamond of Life and Serve with Love books are now available as e-books on the Nehemiah Store as well as Amazon Kindle. For those who have yet to grab a copy, you can now easily purchase a downloadable ePub file for your convenience. Don’t miss out on the invaluable impartation from these authors. Grab the opportunity to learn from their wisdom and experience.

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For baseball enthusiast and coach turned entrepreneur/financial advisor, Mick Owens, life is best viewed through the lens of a baseball game. In the Diamond of Life, Mick uses his own personal life story to help us understand the importance of each base. Mick takes us through a personal and educational journey from home plate, where we discover our life’s purpose and power; to 1st base, where we assess our physical, mental, and spiritual readiness; to 2nd base, where we consider the various roles we play in our family, church, and community; and finally to 3rd base, where we achieve our professional, financial and material goals. Whether you are a baseball fan or not, this book will challenge you to consider how prepared you are to make life’s home runs without striking out.

When Jacob Propstra sailed to America from the Netherlands in 1914, he had no idea his humble creamery would one day inspire Burgerville; an iconic restaurant chain still making a positive impact in the Pacific Northwest more than a century later. After one particularly disastrous beach retreat, Tom Mears, CEO, knew the company’s mission was in trouble. Discover the critical decisions Burgerville’s team took to build this mission-led business and laugh through several catastrophic mistakes to avoid. This business case-study includes thought-provoking questions to challenge aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned CEOs alike.

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Mick Owens has been heavily involved in risk management, estate planning, and cash flow planning for both individual and corporate clients. He founded various companies that provide services such as tax planning, tax preparation, investment planning, and financial planning.

Tom Mears is the current Chairman of the Holland Inc. and Burgerville U.S.A. Tom’s journey with the company began with him driving the ice cream scooter at age 16. After college and a season with the Del Monte Corporation, he rejoined the company and went from opening the first Burgerville in Portland, Oregon, to becoming the CEO.

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