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Happy New Year! On behalf of the Nehemiah Board, Staff, Trainers, Coaches and Partners, we just want to say thank you. Thank you for partnering with us in 2018 with your time, talents, and treasure and helping us have our best year on record. Because of your help, here is what we accomplished this year:

  • Revenue increased by 15% compared to 2017
  • Trained 818 entrepreneurs and leaders globally and over 20K overall
  • Hosted 6 entrepreneurs from 6 different countries in Orlando for the 18th Annual International Biblical Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition
  • Provided support and coaching to 532 entrepreneurs through the E-Community
  • Raised $2.11 million to finance kingdom companies
  • Published 1 new book

We also have had many impact stories in 2018, from Ukraine returning as the International Business Plan Competition champion, to helping the fastest growing church in France create a transformational mission culture through Serve with Love Action as well as fully funding two businesses through the Global Kingdom Investors Network.

Among all of our impact stories, our favorite one for 2018 is Parole Due Salue France, the fastest growing church in France hosting a Serve with Love Action Conference for 300 of its church employees, volunteers and leaders. These team members represented over 28 ministries within the church. In a country where Christian churches struggle to grow beyond 100 members, this church has grown to over 2000 members in less than 10 years. In 8 hours, these church workers and leaders learned from the examples and principles used by Tom Mears at Burgerville how to turn their mission statement into actionable goals that will enable them to continue transforming the nation of France. Parole Du Salut is a church plant of a church of the same name headquartered in Congo Africa which was fully funded by the Congolese people. This is an entrepreneurship based church that hosts Biblical Entrepreneurship courses for its members. Their Pastor, Pastor Noela Lumamde, is an entrepreneur, a Kingdom Business Coach, and Certified Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer. He now serves as the European and Africa Coordinator of Serve with Love Action.

Because of your support and prayers, we were able to realize impact stories like this. Individuals and communities now have hope, jobs, sustainable businesses, and a program that enables them to develop locally sustainable solutions to enhance their local economy and provide for their own social needs. We could not have done it without you and we look forward to creating more impact stories in 2019. Again thank you, thank you and THANK YOU! Let’s make 2019 even better!

Here is our 2019 outlook:

2019 GOALS

In 7 Countries and 12 Cities Globally

Entrepreneurs to be trained


New Businesses to be developed


Jobs to be created


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