Nehemiah Week 2018 to Commence with The Kingdom Business Tour

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Studies indicate that from the time of birth, a tremendous amount of learning happens through the process of watching, observing and imitating others. In fact, most established entrepreneurs are both observers and doers, they are able to learn from observing others, then apply their newfound knowledge in their businesses to a greater effect.

But as Kingdom Entrepreneurs specifically, we want to be certain that we are learning from other established business models that are projecting the same biblical principles that we value and believe in. Nehemiah Week 2018 for the last 5 years, in Orlando, Florida has provided a platform for kingdom business leaders from all around the world to learn from other more established kingdom businesses on how to impact the marketplace with the gospel of our Lord Jesus.

This year, Nehemiah Week will commence with the Kingdom Business Tour, where participants will have a wonderful “up close and personal” opportunity to see how kingdom business owners and leaders are conducting businesses and making a difference to their employees, communities, and to the kingdom of God. Prepare to be inspired by these Biblical Entrepreneurs as you listen to their stories and maybe apply their experiences in your businesses as well. The tour will include a touring coach to travel in, lunch, and will end with an evening of BBQ with our international conference participants.
So hurry, book your spot now and gain exclusive access to visit 4 established kingdom businesses in Orlando.


The Kingdom Business Tour will take us to these places:

first presbyterian - Nehemiah E-Community

The First Presbyterian Church of Orlando is a great example of how a church institution can be committed to serving the community through its ministry. Learn more about the impact they are creating in the community.

oley - Nehemiah E-Community

Oley’s Kitchen is a restaurant that specializes in serving “soul food”. Learn from its founder, a kingdom entrepreneur as he talks about his journey of establishing a kingdom business in the marketplace.

timothy plan - Nehemiah E-Community

For over 20 years, Timothy Plan has helped investors achieve their financial goals while investing in a morally responsible manner. Learn how this family of kingdom entrepreneurs merge investment and biblical responsibility.

the hope church - Nehemiah E-Community

The Hope Church is a church that is devoted to transforming lives and realizing dreams. A visit to this church will help you experience hope to turn your God-given dreams into a reality.


This year is about to be a momentous year for Nehemiah Week. After hosting 5 consecutive Nehemiah Week events in Orlando, Florida, this year will be our last. You do not want to miss the best Nehemiah Week celebration to date. Join us at any of these following events by registering now to attend Nehemiah Week 2018.

  • Kingdom Business Tour | Sept 17 (Monday)
    The week begins with a Kingdom Business Tour, where you will learn from real life kingdom companies and discover the key to their success. REGISTER HERE
  • BE Conference | Sept 18 – Sept 20 (Tuesday – Thursday)
    The tour is followed by a 3-day transformational business conference with dynamic speakers and experienced entrepreneurs who will share best business practices that will address strategies to growing your company by tapping in the innovations and energy of the next generation. The conference will also teach attendees how to train, coach and invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders.
  • E-Community Investors Forum | Sept 20 (Thursday)
    The conference will conclude with our Kingdom Investors Forum where entrepreneurs with growing businesses get to pitch before Kingdom Investors to raise capital to grow their companies. REGISTER HERE
  • International Business Plan Competition | Sept 21 (Friday)
    After the conference, you will experience our annual international business plan competition where winners from 7 or more countries from around the world compete for the year’s best Kingdom Business Plan. REGISTER HERE
  • Celebration Banquet | Sept 22 (Saturday)
    This celebration banquet would be a great platform to celebrate, network and engage with like minded people from the marketplace. REGISTER HERE
  • Worship Service | Sept 23 (Sunday)
    Finally the week concludes with a combined worship service where you will be inspired to continue your journey of building your kingdom company.

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