Nehemiah Week 2018 has officially commenced

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And so it begins. Only 2 days into Nehemiah Week 2018 and its impact has already begun to create a ripple effect amongst its attendees. Nehemiah Week has brought together a group of powerful and diverse Christian influencers and entrepreneurs from all around the world with one clear motivation; to advance the kingdom of God in the marketplace and around the world, and what an accomplishment it has been thus far. Let’s take a look at some highlights from The Kingdom Business Tour where participants had an “up close and personal” opportunity to see how kingdom business owners and leaders are conducting businesses and making a difference to their employees, communities, and to the kingdom of God.

Kingdom Business Tour

First Presbyterian Church of Orlando

“You can make them do it.” – Dr. Case Thorp speaks on the power of influence that business leaders have in connecting church leadership and the marketplace.

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The Hope Church

Building the “total man” in the aspects of faith, health and fitness, economic, education, housing. Participants were taken on a tour around the grounds where they turned a crime center into affordable housing, flourishing businesses, comprehensive school, amongst many others.

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Timothy Plan

A kingdom business company where God still remains the “real chairman of the board.” In conjunction with their Kingdom mission and focus, Timothy Partners provides financial support to numerous ministries including those involved in human trafficking, defending of Christian liberties, and preserving the life of the unborn.

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Oley’s Kitchen

Oley’s Kitchen is a restaurant that specializes in serving “soul food”. Its founder Karl Brown, shared his journey of establishing a kingdom business in the marketplace.

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Here’s a video highlight of the Kingdom Business Tour:

The momentum for Nehemiah Week 2018 is picking up as the week goes by. Registrations for the remaining events of the week are still open. You do not want to miss the best Nehemiah Week celebration to date. Register now and join us for an impactful experience.

  • Kingdom Business Tour | Sept 17 (Monday), 8:00am – 5:00pm
    The week begins with a Kingdom Business Tour, where you will learn from real life kingdom companies and discover the key to their success. CURRENTLY FULL
  • BE Conference | Sept 18 – Sept 20 (Tuesday – Thursday), 7.30am-5:00pm
    The tour is followed by a 3-day transformational business conference with dynamic speakers and experienced entrepreneurs who will share best business practices that will address strategies to growing your company by tapping in the innovations and energy of the next generation. The conference will also teach attendees how to train, coach and invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders.
  • E-Community Investors Forum | Sept 20 (Thursday), 2:00pm-5:00pm
    The conference will conclude with our Kingdom Investors Forum where entrepreneurs with growing businesses get to pitch before Kingdom Investors to raise capital to grow their companies. REGISTER HERE
  • International Business Plan Competition | Sept 21 (Friday), 5:00pm-10:00pm
    After the conference, you will experience our annual international business plan competition where winners from 7 or more countries from around the world compete for the year’s best Kingdom Business Plan. REGISTER HERE
  • Celebration Banquet | Sept 22 (Saturday), 6:00pm-9:00pm
    This celebration banquet would be a great platform to celebrate, network and engage with like minded people from the marketplace. REGISTER HERE
  • Worship Service | Sept 23 (Sunday), 10:00am-12:00pm
    Finally the week concludes with a combined worship service where you will be inspired to continue your journey of building your kingdom company.

Our Event Sponsors

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For more details and to sign up as a sponsor, please download our Sponsorship Packet HERE.

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