Nehemiah Week 2018 – A Recap

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Nehemiah Week 2018 has officially concluded and one thing’s for sure, we’ve just experienced the best Nehemiah Week event to date. What a splendid week it was, our hearts are full and we can now look forward to a fruitful outcome as our participants go back to fulfill their God-given purposes as entrepreneurs in the marketplace and in their communities. The best days are not behind us, there are greater days that await us because we now know of the power of influence that we have when we come together as a community of Biblical Entrepreneurs to advance God’s kingdom in the global marketplace. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the different events that took place throughout the week:

Kingdom Business Tour

Participants had a unique opportunity to get an up close and personal visit to two churches that are committed to marketplace ministry and two companies that are modeling best practices of building kingdom businesses.

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“You can make them do it.” – Dr. Case Thorp from First Presbyterian Church Orlando, speaks on the power of influence that business leaders have in connecting church leadership and the marketplace.

hope church - Nehemiah E-Community

The Hope Church Orlando strongly believes that in order to ensure a healthy and prosperous future, we must invest in our next generations.

TimothyPlan3 - Nehemiah E-Community

Art Ally on how Timothy Plan is a kingdom business company where God still remains the “real chairman of the board.”

FPC3 - Nehemiah E-Community

Karl Brown, founder of Oley’s Kitchen shares about his journey as a kingdom entrepreneur.

Biblical Entrepreneurship Conference

The 3-day conference offered an unmatched opportunity for attending kingdom entrepreneurs to meet with and develop strategic partnerships with other like-minded kingdom entrepreneurs with similar values, standards, and quality for excellence.

The theme Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders and Entrepreneurs emphasized the fact that the future of our businesses relies on the strength of our successors. With this regard, attendees were taught the best tools and practices on how to identify and develop the talents and ingenuity of those who represent the future of their businesses.

Here are some highlights of the conference in pictures:

bec - Nehemiah E-Community

Pastor Gabriel Oleko, senior pastor of Celebration Paris, speaking on Preparing the Next Generation.

bec2 - Nehemiah E-Community

Bryan Repple, a next generation successor of his family business G.A. Repple shares his experiences on Investing in the Next Generation.

bec3 - Nehemiah E-Community

Biblical Entrepreneurs stand united in diversity.

Investors Forum

To correspond with Nehemiah Project’s third foundational pillar, Access to Capital, an online investor matching service accessible to members of the Nehemiah E-Community was established. The Global Kingdom Investors Network (GKIN) is primarily aimed to connect vetted Biblical Entrepreneurs with vetted kingdom impact investors. Each year, during Nehemiah Week, GKIN seeks out a unique business idea that could prospectively yield profits that will contribute to the people and their communities. Here are some highlights of the investors meeting in pictures:

member of gkin - Nehemiah E-Community

Members of the GKIN contemplating on their next big investment plan

eddy moratin - Nehemiah E-Community

Eddy Moratin, Executive Director of Lift Orlando sharing his thoughts on The Value of Investing in the Community.

International Business Plan Competition 2018

This year’s competition featured 6 aspiring entrepreneurs who pitched their unique business ideas to a panel of judges. The six business plan competitors were Haiti’s, Guerdine Volcimus Dure, Kenya’s husband and wife team of Frank and Grace Kitonga, Madagascar’s Tantely Rakotobe, Mexico’s Nallieli Perez Mercado, Ukraine’s Andrii Solodovnyk, and U.S.A.’s Mike Cross. The competition was intense yet enterprising. Each contestant strived hard to convince the panel of judges that their business idea represented the best aspects of biblical and social entrepreneurship. However, there can only be one champion that takes home the coveted International Business Plan Competition trophy. It was a waiting game for all, as the results of the competition were only announced the next day, at the celebration banquet.

ibp2018 - Nehemiah E-Community

The International Business Plan 2018 contestants reciting the Entrepreneurs Creed before/after pitching their ideas.

ibp20182 - Nehemiah E-Community

This year’s competition brought together contestants from 6 countries – Mexico, Kenya, Ukraine, U.S.A. and Madagascar and Haiti.

Celebration Banquet

The celebration banquet served a purpose to raise greater financing for Nehemiah Project’s vision: Changing the World One Entrepreneur at a Time. Guests made generous contributions to support biblical entrepreneurs who are creating jobs, funding their local churches or charities and who are positively making an impact to the economies of their nations. The events of the night carried on with ease, but the question on everyone’s mind was – who won the International Business Plan Competition? The announcement was made by Debra Schlaht, Director of International Development. And the winning business idea went to Andrii Solovynk from Ukraine followed by runner-up Frank Kitonga from Kenya and second runner-up, Mike Cross from the U.S.A. Here are some highlights of the celebration banquet in pictures:

celebrationbanquet - Nehemiah E-Community

International Business Plan 2019 champion – Andrri Solovynk with Nehemiah Project Ukraine Partner, Ivan Papish.

celebrationbanquet2 - Nehemiah E-Community

Friendly competition – Runner up, Frank Kitonga from Kenya with second runner up, Mike Cross.

The most outstanding part of Nehemiah Week this year? Unquestionably- the diversity. Experiencing an event like this with fellow Christians from 9 countries around the world, gave us a glimpse into what heaven might look like. Seeing the vast body of Christ, in all her colors, tribes and tongues rejoicing and celebrating all of God’s goodness, what a powerful experience it’s been and we can’t wait to share this experience with each one of you next year.

We’re so excited to announce that Nehemiah Week will be taking place next year at the nation’s capital, Washington D.C.! Registrations are now open at a special rate of only $700. Join us next year – we can’t wait to see what God has in store for Nehemiah Project in 2019!

Here’s a video highlighting the events of Nehemiah Week 2018. We hope you enjoy this!


The Power of Kingdom Impact Investing

In next month’s E-Learning Forum, Jeff Shafer will be sharing his knowledge on The Power of Kingdom Impact Investing. Jeff will be sharing best tools and practices on how to blend financial returns with creating a social impact.

Date: October 9th, 2018

Time: 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM (PDT)

Format: Live Webinar

Speaker: Jeffrey R. Shafer

Topic: The Power of Kingdom Impact Investing

jeffshafer - Nehemiah E-Community

Jeffrey R. Shafer is the co-founder and CEO of Common Good Capital LLC, a financial services firm that aligns capital with the values and goals of investors. Jeffrey has 21 years of experience in the financial services industry. Throughout his years of experience, he has led the strategic direction for capital raising and investment management, even raised billions of dollars in capital for various financial institutions.

Jeff graduated from Wheaton College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Biblical Studies. He also received a Master of Business Administration from the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College. In addition to his undergraduate and graduate degrees, Jeff holds the Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Financial Consultant designations, as well as FINRA Series 7, 24, 63 and 79 licenses.


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