Nehemiah Shapes Culture on All Seven Mountains

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Do you believe that you were put on this Earth to have an impact? Do you think that you are already achieving that goal by impacting culture both personally and with your business? Do you know which of the Seven Mountains of Culture you are currently impacting? Is it Government, Media, Business, Family, Education, Religion, or Arts and Entertainment?

The Nehemiah Project is proud to speak to the Cultural Mountain of Business at the upcoming International Culture Shapers Summit in Washington, DC, on March 28 – 31, 2019. Business permeates each of the seven mountains of cultural influence. Our Chief Servant Officer, Patrice Tsague, will join a panel of dynamic business leaders for a discussion on mobilizing strategic partnerships and more with hundreds of global leaders present at the Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel. As a Summit Sponsor, the Nehemiah Project would like to invite you to join us for this event in the Nation’s Capital.

This 4-day event will feature:

  • More than 40 presenters from government, arts & entertainment, media, family, business, education and the church
  • A tour of the Museum of the Bible
  • A preview of the upcoming theatrical release, Overcomer
  • A Sponsors Luncheon
  • Ministry and Marketplace Networking with leaders from around the world

Don’t miss this world-changing event if you are in the greater Washington, DC metro area or within travel distance. See special Nehemiah partnership registration rates here below.

Full Registration at Special Nehemiah Guest Rate | $495 | Click here
One Day Registration | $195 | Click here
Full Event Live Stream | $197 | Click here

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Learn More about the International Culture Shapers Summit

Cash Flow Matters

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“Entrepreneurs believe that profit is what matters most in a new enterprise. But profit is secondary. Cash flow matters most.” – Peter Drucker, Entrepreneur & Management Professional

Cash is to a business like blood is to the body. And just like the body, if a business runs out of cash, it dies. This being the case, the most important financial statement for the survival of any business is the Cash Flow Statement. If cash indeed is your business’ lifeblood, how you manage that cash determines the health and success of your company. In the next E-Community Group Coaching Session, we will discuss the importance of a Cash Flow Statement. Students will learn how to develop their own cash flow statements, the questions that it should answer, and the difference between cash flow, profit and loss, and balance sheets.

Through monthly group coaching Entrepreneurs and Coaches receive invaluable lessons, such as Developing a Cash Flow Statement, to enhance their business practices. These types of relevant and practical discussions are facilitated with their peers and led by licensed instructors with over 20 years of Kingdom Business training experience combined.

Our 2019 – 2020 E-Community Group Coaching Cycle is now open for registration. Classes begin in June with 5 unique groups:

  • Couples in Business – Enhance your marriage while increasing your business productivity. Sessions begin Saturday, June 1 at 7:00 AM PST and continues every first Saturday of the month. | Register Here
  • Coaches – Improve your coaching practice with Kingdom Business Coaching. Sessions begin Wednesday, June 12 at 6:00 PM PST and continues every second Wednesday of the month. | Register Here
  • Trainers – Improve your training practice with Kingdom Business Coaching. Sessions begin Wednesday, June 19 at 6:00 AM PST and continues every third Wednesday of the month. | Register Here
  • Entrepreneurs – Grow your business through Kingdom Business Coaching.
    Entrepreneurs Group 1 with sessions beginning on Friday, June 14, 2019, at 6:00 AM PST and continuing every second Friday of the month. | Register Here
    Entrepreneurs Group 2 offers sessions beginning on Wednesday, June 26 at 6:00 AM PST and continues every fourth Wednesday of the month. | Register Here

Groups are limited to 12 members per group so sign up now and save your spot. Membership is available to E-Community Diamond members only.

You can also choose to upgrade your membership. Please do so by logging in to the E-Community and going to “Account Settings” under “My Account” to change your membership level before registering for the Group Coaching.

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Early Registration Special: Sign up before May 15 and join an additional group at no extra cost.


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On Friday, March 22, 2019, we are challenging business leaders and Kingdom entrepreneurs from the greater Portland area and across the globe to participate in a #FridayImpactChallenge like none other. The Portland Kingdom Impact Dinner presents a divine opportunity for us to shift the world of business in two international cultural hubs, Paris and Congo. Influencers and leaders will take a seat at the table and join us in learning more about these growing communities and have the opportunity to sow and impact these nations.

We are raising our glass and raising the bar with an international #FridayImpactChallenge. If you are in the greater Portland, Oregon area, register today to join us for this evening soireé with featured guests Gabriel Oleko, Ron Wilkinson, Patrice Tsague, and James Autry. For our international partners and friends, raise your glass and join us in Giving the Gift of Business by sponsoring an entrepreneur or business on Friday. Let’s make Friday’s impact felt across the globe.

Register for the Portland Kingdom Impact Dinner
Give the Gift of Business to France or Congo