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“Do not forsake her, and she will preserve you; Love her, and she will keep you. Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.”Proverbs 4:6-7 (NKJV)

What were the last three books you read? How did those books enhance your business productivity?

Nehemiah Week 2019 is less than a week away! Washington, DC is bustling with students heading back to school, parents settling into their seasonal routines again, tourists soaking up the last days of summer, and the never-ending race of entrepreneurs, executives, and other employees who are trying to make it to Friday. Our registrants will be joining the bustling city traffic in hopes to find the inspiration for innovation that they need to return home and push their businesses to the next level.

Throughout next week’s events, there will be multiple opportunities to find innovation and inspiration Monday 19 Aug – Sunday 25 Aug 2019. On Tuesday – Thursday, the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill will host our BE Conference speakers and guests. Amid classes, breakout sessions, fellowship times and more, we will feature several authors who have written stories to inspire, uplift, instruct, train, and coach you through becoming a kingdom business success. Get to know the featured authors behind these titles below at Nehemiah Week.

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A Handful of Rice
Written by: Tresor Yenyi.

As a young Congolese boy, Trésor was traumatized, hopeless and angry after his country went into war. Through a series of events, Trésor later realized that a handful of rice can help transform and rebuild the lives of hundreds of Congolese war survivors.

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Invested with Purpose
Written by: Arthur D. Ally

Until 1994, when Arthur D. Ally founded the Timothy Plan, investors had no way of knowing whether their dollars were being used to advance honest business practices or unholy causes, such as abortion, pornography, anti-family activism, unhealthy substances or even slave labor. Invested with Purpose is the story of how one man’s vision has led to a revolution: Biblically-Responsible Investing.

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One Moore Minute
Written by: Ps. Anthony E. Moore

Whether you have been a Christian for 7 days or 70 years, the unique spiritual insights on these pages will inspire, encourage, provoke, and strengthen you to rise to your fullest potential in Christ. The issues are deep in nature, touching who you are, where you are, and why you are. They are written to meet you in the everyday realities of life, making the profound practical and easily applicable. With reflection questions, meditation scriptures, and poignant prayers, you will find this devotional a timeless treasure for your spiritual maturity. Take one more minute in your day, and be stirred and strengthened to live out your God-ordained destiny.

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Serve with Love
Written by: Tom Mears

What does it take to move a business from start-up to success… and beyond? When Jacob Propstra sailed to America from the Netherlands in 1914, he had no idea his humble creamery would one day inspire Burgerville, an iconic restaurant chain, still making a positive impact in the Pacific Northwest more than a century later. After one particularly disastrous beach retreat, Tom Mears, CEO, knew the company’s mission was in trouble. Discover the critical decisions Burgerville’s team took to build this mission-led business (and laugh through several catastrophic mistakes to avoid). This business case-study includes thought-provoking questions to challenge aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned CEOs alike.

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40 Day Coaching Guide
Written by: Patrice Tsague

In Mark 1:35, it reveals that every day before daylight, Jesus would go somewhere alone to pray. Jesus knew that if His ministry was to be successful, He couldn’t rely on his own skills and talents, but on His relationship with the Father. The Biblical Entrepreneurship 40-day coaching guide is a tool for entrepreneurs who want to seek God’s wisdom about certain business aspects; it gives you ways to pray and practical ways to apply what you learned to your daily life. Use this devotional book to help you, in the next 40 days, to get closer to your Father and to fulfill His plans for your life and business. So go ahead and take up the 40-day challenge!

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Diamond of Life
Written by: Mick Owens

Baseball – America’s favorite pastime – is seldom viewed as a metaphor for personal and professional development. However, for baseball enthusiast and coach turned entrepreneur/financial advisor, Mick Owen, life is best viewed through the lens of a baseball game. In the Diamond of Life, Mick uses his own personal life story to help us understand the importance of each base – how to move from first base to make life’s home runs without striking out. The point that Mick brings home in this practical yet spiritually insightful book is that not all bases are equal. And without the proper foundation on home base, it is hard to achieve sustainable, long-lasting success in other bases. Whether you are a baseball fan or not, this book will challenge you to consider how prepared you are to make life’s home runs without striking out.

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B.O.O.S.T.™️ Launch Your Business Success Using LinkedIn
Written by: Kelly T. Leonard

Now more than ever, we rely on social media and peer connections to network, exchange best practices, and make business decisions. Whether we are researching industry trends, hiring a vendor, or troubleshooting new technology, with social media the answers we need are literally a mouse click away. LinkedIn is a virtual goldmine, offering infinite opportunities that can be leveraged for personal/professional branding, business development, recruitment, and more. This book provides quick, actionable strategies like how to develop a strong profile headline and to how showcase your experience to make a powerful first and lasting impressions.

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Rethink Creativity: How to Innovate, Inspire, and Thrive at Work
Written by: Monica H. Kang

Rethink Creativity teaches you and your team how to start constructing a creative mindset by allocating time to change up your daily routine. It will help you rediscover the passion you felt your first day on the job! Not only will leaders and managers be able to benefit from proven strategies, thought-provoking questions, and effective training techniques, but as you move through the book, you’ll start enjoying your work more, be a better leader, and find new ways to be creative, curious, and innovative every day.

timeless principles - Nehemiah E-Community

7 Timeless Principles of Investing
Written by: Barry R. James

In the 7 Timeless Principles of Investing, you’ll learn how the principles may improve your chance of making smart investment decisions for years to come. Barry R. James, the firm’s president and Ceo, explains that while the ideas may seem simple, they’re not easy to implement, which is why this book includes bonus guides, worksheets, and examples that will help you stay on the right track. Here’s some of what you’ll learn: * why investing never means gambling with your future; * the hallmarks of a trustworthy money manager; * how to winnow thousands of investment options into a successful portfolio; * what to do if your investments lose value – and when to take action. The simple guiding philosophy may help you avoid investment pitfalls and raise your chances for success-even when the financial markets go down. Filled with inspiring and funny quotes, written in straightforward prose, and filled with activities that reveal your investing style, this guidebook is essential reading for both new and seasoned investors.

fraud - Nehemiah E-Community

Written by: Glenn Repple

“Fraud” is a powerful accusation of the enemy – and the title of Glenn Repple’s new book based on his popular “Fraud Fighter” 40-day series presented in his The Repple Minute® daily devotional series. “Fraud” – as defined in the dictionary – is an “intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right.” Glenn describes the greatest “Fraud” ever perpetrated as the one attempted, in the Garden, to fraudulently steal mankind’s purpose. Glenn presents our destiny as to be in the family of God, as a beloved child of God, whereby God already had a plan to undo the work of the enemy. He makes the case that Jesus Christ is the way back to our original value, purpose and destiny.

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Color Him Father
Written by: Lawrence M. Drake II

It’s a brotherhood no man wants to join – the group of men who share the pain of losing a child. Whether that child is an infant, teenager, young or full grown adult, grieving the loss of a child is a heartache that can break the strongest of men. Now, seven men who hold membership in that fraternity of fatherhood have come together to share the sorrow of their suffering. In their own unique voices, these men tackle perspectives of being a Black father that are rarely discussed. In Color Him Father, you will step inside these very personal and intense stories of love and loss, tragedies and triumphs….But these stories will take you beyond the pain as they share their deep commitment to fatherhood. Whether you’re a man traveling a similar path, supporting someone who has made that journey, or just want to gain insight, these touching testimonies will enlighten and educate people from all walks of life. Color Him Father will encourage all fathers to renew their promises to their children, while motivating young Black men to become even more committed to the brotherhood of fatherhood.

return to glory - Nehemiah E-Community

Return to Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Race
Written by: Joel Freeman

Return to Glory will challenge everything you were ever taught about human history. Beginning with a careful documentation of the ways God entrusted people of African descent with the initial development of civilized societies. Return to Glory then directs its readers on a magnificent tour of life in America through the triumphant stories of contemporary African-Americans. These pages are filled with the glorious contributions to the development and enhancement of world culture by the black race.

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Inside the Executive Mind

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“Moreover you shall select from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them to be rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens.”Exodus 18:21 (NKJV)

What does it take to qualify as an executive? Passion, determination, stamina, anointing, education, or is it all this and more?

The truth is, in today’s age anyone can be their own boss. Being a boss differs from being a true executive. A boss can be seen as a manager and an executive can be viewed as the person in charge of executing strategy and fulfilling the vision of the company owners. As a Biblical Executive, you accept the responsibility of developing and executing divine strategies to benefit the kingdom of God.

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