International Business Plan Competition @ Nehemiah Week 2018

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It is said that competition is a critical driver for performance and innovation. It encourages new ideas to flourish and transforms the marketplace. Given that the social and economic problems facing our world today are increasingly complex, we need a generation of entrepreneurs who dare to build innovative, long-term solutions that can produce a positive social impact and financial prosperity.

This is the main reason why we come together year after year for the International Business Plan Competition during Nehemiah Week, so that aspiring kingdom entrepreneurs around the world are aware they have this opportunity to make a lasting kingdom impact in their communities. What sets this competition apart from the rest is that it not only gives them a window to showcase their innovative product or service models but it provides a supportive environment to enable their ideas to reach the marketplace and impact their communities.

Each year, prior to Nehemiah Week we receive applications from aspiring entrepreneurs all around the world, wishing to pitch their business ideas before a panel of judges in a trial-by-fire opportunity that could launch their dreams into reality. This year we received six very diverse business ideas from six different countries. All six contestants nailed their pitches with so much precision and confidence, they left the judges and audiences in awe of their perseverance to turn their business ideas into a reality. Hearing each one of these ideas gave us hope that even in the midst of severe hardships, there are kingdom entrepreneurs out there striving to transform their nations and the world through their God-given gifts and talents.

The judges had a tough time deciding on a winner for the competition, each contestant had presented their best pitch and each had an innovative and unique business plan, but there could only be one winner. It was a waiting game for all, as the announcement was only to be made the next day at the celebration banquet. Towards the end of the night, Debra Schlaht, Director of International Programs took the stage to make the announcement. The entire hall erupted into cheers and applause as Andrii Solodovnyk from Ukraine emerged as the winner of the 2018 International Business Plan competition. The runner-up position went to Frank Kitonga of Kenya and the second runner-up went to Mike Cross from the U.S.A.

Here’s a recap of the business ideas that were presented at this year’s competition:

Andrii Solodovnyk

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Pictured here: Andrii with Nehemiah Project Ukraine partner, Ivan Papish after winning the International Business Plan Competition 2018.

Andrii specializes in wood carving. Shortly after the birth of his son, Andrii had an idea to manufacture wooden toys. AllWoodenBiz is a large producer of children’s wooden toys that include: doll houses with furniture, cars and even educational toys. At this point, his business is in its development stage. He has a team of 4 craftsmen, director and manager coordinator. The production is geared towards processing secondary raw materials, a process that does not destroy the forests, but to only use what has been burned. It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly business. Each toy is handmade with so much precision and detail because he believes in putting love for the customer that receives his product. What’s most outstanding about Andrii’s business is because of the quality of his craft he believes his toys can be passed on as heirlooms from one generation to the next. Andrii enjoys sharing his talent and skills with others and has started conducting workshops for children to pick up this toymaking craft.

Frank Kitonga
Blueflame International Ltd

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Pictured here: The Kitonga’s, Frank and his wife, Grace at Nehemiah Week 2018

Founders Frank and Grace Kitonga faced many challenges as entrepreneurs, the main one having to raise their child who was diagnosed with stunted growth. Stunting in young children is often linked to poverty, lack of nutrition and health sanitation. With this regard, Frank and his wife were inspired to set up a business that manufactures food products based on pumpkins – a popular and nutritious first weaning food choice for babies at an early stage. Their business plan not only targets children nutrition but is also aimed at empowering farmers through training and research to produce a breed of quality pumpkins that can generate income for struggling farmers in Africa.

Mike Cross
Free On The Outside

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Friendly Competition: Mike and Frank Kitonga at the celebration banquet after emerging as runner up and second runner up in the International Business Plan Competition 2018.

Mike’s world spiraled out of control when he lost his 6-year old daughter to Leukemia. A year after overcoming addiction, God called on Mike to start Free On The Outside, a ministry that caters to people coming out of prison. They serve two meals weekly to the people in their church community, both those out of prison, and those living on the street. They offer a Celebrate Recovery group, and currently house 42 men and women. Their program has continued to grow, change people’s lives and become more profitable in recent years.

Nallieli Perez Mercado
DMI (God In The Mission)

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Pictured here: Nallieli presenting her business plans to the panel of judges.

Nallieli is a doctor and studied Clinical Nutrition and Occupational Medicine. DMI (God in the Mission) is a company she founded to meet the medical needs of missionaries, such as medical insurance, medicines, and so on. Her vision is to contribute to the consumption of healthy food, helping to reduce the rate of obesity in Mexico. She also hopes to generate decent jobs for older adults. The profits generated through this business will be used to buy medical insurance for the missionaries and their families, as well as to support them to purchase medicines.

Tantely Rakotobe
Madagascar Food Factories Company

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Pictured here: Tantely next to an advertorial banner of her Malagasy food product.

Madagascar Food Factories Company specializes in turning exotic Malagasy natural fruit into dried or powdered fruit for local and international market. The company’s vision is to become a leader in food processing in Africa under the values of honesty, loyalty and respect. Food processing is not just a sustainable social and development solution but is also a huge business opportunity in Africa. Her company will use its profits to fund a shelter for the homeless, and publish a book on her story and relationship with God.

Guerdine Volcimus Duré
Eclat Rental

Guerdine and Gina Tsague - Nehemiah E-Community

Pictured here: Guerdine and Gina Tsague at the International Business Plan Competition.

Guerdine has been married for 16 years and is a mother to two children. She’s had the privilege of being part of a church ministry that has helped develop her leadership skills. She founded Eclat Rental, a God-honoring, high-quality, affordable event service in Haiti. Through her business, Guerdine reaches out to disadvantaged youths in her community by empowering them with training and development in the events industry. Eclat Rental is also actively supporting a school in rural Haiti by providing scholarships for children in need. Guerdine strongly believes that she is called to make a kingdom impact in her community through her events business.

Why Should You Consider Being a Certified Kingdom Business Coach?

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If you are considering becoming a coach or if you are already coaching, the important question to ask is, does certification matter?

We take a firm stand that it absolutely makes a difference! Here’s why: over the past decade, the coaching industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Certification is huge for personal development, executive development, leadership development, and quite frankly, the world. More than ever, people are interested in living more fully, with more purpose and with more joy. More corporations and organizations are interested in investing in their employees’ efficiency, effectiveness, and leadership. Also, more individuals are becoming coaches to live out their own purpose as well as help others find and access their pathways towards being whom they want to be, living out their visions, and achieving their best. Now more than ever, having certification matters.

With a rise in the popularity of coaching, consumers now have endless choices when it comes to whom they hire as a coach. Having a certification absolutely makes you stand out as a professional and can also bring you more potential opportunities. Some studies also show that coaches with training see longer-lasting results with clients and are even more confident in the coaching work that they do.

Now that you have decided to get certified, what type of certification should you choose? How can you narrow down the kind of people you wish to work with?

The answer lies in your personal values and principles. As Christians, we seek to make a transformational difference through the gospel of Christ. Choosing a certification that encompasses similar principles that you value will determine the clients that you will be working with in the future. Certified Kingdom Business Coaches go beyond making a living and impacting others. They strive to provide kingdom-class business support to clients who consider themselves marketplace missionaries. Their mission is to empower individuals to advance the kingdom of God in the marketplace.

Whether you are an aspiring coach or if you have already begun coaching, choosing to get certified can be a big commitment financially and time-wise, but for the natural coaches who are born to make a difference in the world, this is your next best step.

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