Happy Thanksgiving!
Six days until #Giving Tuesday

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Happy Thanksgiving! #Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving that is powered by social media and collaboration. Over $300 million has been raised in the last seven years in over 150 countries through #Giving Tuesday. As an act of thanksgiving, we invite you to join us this year to make a gift that will ensure that Christian entrepreneurs in over 10 countries around the globe continue to receive training, coaching, and access to capital to create sustainable jobs.

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This has been one of the best years of the Nehemiah Project. We celebrated our 19th year of marketplace ministry with over 20K entrepreneurs trained in over 38 countries globally as well as 2K coached and over 2 million dollars in direct investments in businesses.

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None of this would be made possible without the generous contribution of people like you whose contributions ensure that all entrepreneurs no matter where they live, or their economic circumstances are able to take advantage of our training, coaching services, and have access to capital.

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Seven years ago, due to the generous contribution of a major donor, we were able to launch the Biblical Entrepreneurship program in the nation of Haiti. Though we have been able to make some impact, there is still much to be done. As you may be aware, since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and after over $13 billion dollars of investment, very little has changed in Haiti because of a lack of emphasis on ethics, entrepreneurship and job creation.

Though the Biblical Entrepreneurship Haiti team has been able to train several hundred entrepreneurs and even produce an international business plan competition winner, they desperately need our help to stabilize their program and make it a permanent viable institution in Haiti.

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According to Haitian born Daniel Jean Louis, the author of From Aid to Trade, “Foreign Aid in itself and in the present format does not benefit the poor and needy countries. After corruption and political instability, foreign aid is one of the problems of recipient countries. To help balance the equations, or bridge the gap, donor countries need to make sure that while they want to help recipient countries, they must not sideline local businesses and entrepreneurs. Donor countries must help in building the foundations for these local entrepreneurs to grow. They must make sure that the already weak local businesses are not choked out by the aid.”

Help us support local businesses in Haiti while creating a culture of entrepreneurship. Our goal in 2019 is to train 960 entrepreneurs and establish 64 businesses that are able to generate 320 jobs.

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