Give the Gift of Business this Christmas Season

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Special thank you to all those who have been making contributions and mailing their gift to help us meet our end-of-year goal with the gift of business campaign. Christmas is a global event that honors the birth of the Savior and the King of the world. It is also a time of gift-giving as an act of gratitude for having received the greatest gift; the gift of salvation. Generally, our gift is given to family and friends. But we want to encourage you to consider giving to local charities that mirror your values and are working to meet the needs you are passionate about in your community and around the world.

Give the Gift of Business Today

Make the Nehemiah Project one of those beneficiaries. Your gift ensures that kingdom companies are started and expanded around the world–creating local jobs and contributing to the financial well-being of Christian communities, ensuring that families are able to have the margin to celebrate Christmas based on their local tradition. It also enables the advancement of the Great Commission, as these businesses and families serve as witnesses of the glory and faithfulness of our God. Make your gift today and help ensure that we continue to build kingdom businesses globally.

Give the Gift of Business Today

Help us close the year strong by making an end-of-year gift towards our goal to raise $100K by December 31st. Your gift will enable us to inspire and equip others around the world to feed others by building kingdom businesses that creates sustainable jobs.

As a special thanks, you will receive a free devotional e-book, 40-Day Coaching Guide by Patrice Tsague.

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It is Time!

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Date: September 17-23, 2018
Location: Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, FL
Early Bird Rate: $700
E-Community discounts apply

It is time to empower the next generation. This message that brings transformation to people, families, communities, and countries—the message of Biblical Entrepreneurship—must be passed on to our sons and daughters and to the younger people who we are mentoring and encouraging as they are achieving their potential to start and grow businesses.

It is time to consider who you want to invite to the next Nehemiah Week when we, with great excitement and anticipation, look at what God is doing to bring this about.

It is time to consider registering yourself or one of those younger people in your life for this great event. What a wonderful Christmas gift that would be!

Click below to register! If you would like to give a registration as a gift, let us know by sending an email to and we will send you a gift certificate that you can give to them.

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Practices and Planning for 2018

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Have you finished your BE Certificate Program? When you do, you not only gain the skills for starting, running, and growing your business, you also have a chance to be coached through the process of creating an actionable business plan and entering the Business Plan Competition where you can win up to $5000 for growing your business.

Coach Scott Landis and Randall Sanford will co-teach, coach, and lead an online cohort that combines BE II and III. This is a unique 20-week-long opportunity to gain the skills in good, biblical business practices and insights such as Biblical economics, understanding financial statements, marketing and sales, financing a kingdom business, international trade, kingdom philanthropy, and more from BE II in addition to the BE III Business Plan process.

Want more details? Watch this video or click below to register.

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