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Hi – We are Tom and Pam Wolf, authors and creators of the powerful life-purpose discovery program, Finding Your God Given Sweet Spot.


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Here is what we’ve learned over the years: most people, even believers, are so busy with the day-to-day demands of life that they rarely stop to consider the importance of PURPOSE.

Does that include you?

Without certainty about your God-given purpose, you lack a valid plumb line for the choices and decisions you make and life becomes an exercise of shooting in the dark at a target you cannot see. This can have a great negative impact on your business.

But, even more frightening…consider this PROVEN FACT: Purpose is so important, it can actually be a matter of life and death!

A life lived without purpose is not only empty and meaningless, but has the potential to produce stress so severe that it can lead to a life that isn’t worth living. This was the discovery of Victor Frankl in his landmark book, Man’s Search For Meaning. Frankl was an Austrian psychotherapist who was plunged into the depths of suffering and loss when imprisoned in the World War II concentration camps of Auschwitz. During his encampment, he observed that there were some who were able to survive the horror of their existence, while others quickly gave in to death.

The difference? Purpose!

Those with a sense of purpose were far more likely to survive, while those without this precious lifeline were often more quick to die. Having meaning and purpose was at the heart of their very existence! No wonder Frankl’s book sold millions… as did Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life”. Man’s search for meaning was, and is, at the heart of two universal questions everyone needs to answer, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”

Yet, the greater question is this:

“Where does God stand on the question of purpose?”

The Bible is filled with verse after verse that tells us that God is our Creator, and He has a unique plan and purpose for our lives. There are over 1000 verses in Scripture that relate to this subject. And I have to tell you, when God references a topic that often, it seems that purpose must be really important to Him!

It seems clear that it is incumbent upon every Christian to discover their God-given purpose – to know the skills, talents and abilities they have been blessed with, and how to combine those gifts with their education, career and life experience to craft the amazing, special, unique, powerful purpose that only they can fulfill. That is EXACTLY what we can help you do!

In honor of the new partnership we are forging with Nehemiah Project International, we invite you to join us as we coach a private group of no more than 20 people through the 7 Steps to Purpose contained in our book.

If you have tried and never gotten clear answers,
if you are discouraged and confused,
if you are hungry for something better,
if you want a life that counts for more,
If you are ready to say YES to God and “be on about the Father’s business”…

YOUR time is now!

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For you are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for you to do. – Eph 2:10

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