Everyone Needs a Coach

Billionaire Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft and the Bill Gates Foundation, declared during a Ted Talk in 2014 that everyone needs a coach. Bill Gates used the example of Eric Schmidt, the President/CEO of Google, as an example of someone whose career has significantly benefited from coaching. Burgerville’s Chairman and Serve with Love author, Tom Mears, hired a coach as soon as he became CEO of the company. He claims he would have never been able to accomplish all he was able to accomplish⏤taking the company to over $100 million a year in revenue and transforming the company into an iconic brand in the Pacific Northwest⏤without the guidance of his coaching team.

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Coaching is not only necessary, it is an essential investment to business and organizational success. Here are some statistical proof that coaching works:

  • 64% of organizations surveyed use external coaches
  • 92% of the survey participants judged the coaching to be “effective” or “very effective”
  • 96% reported that coaching is an effective way to promote learning in organizations
  • 77% of executives improved working relationships with direct reports
  • 71% improvement in working with immediate supervisors
  • 52% improvement in conflict reduction
  • 44% improvement in organizational commitment
  • 37% improvement in working relationships with clients

As important as coaching is, it can be expensive and exclusive. The E-Community offers an affordable coaching solution that makes coaching accessible to everyone while providing the added benefit of community and peer accountability. The E-Community Group Coaching is free with the Diamond membership only and gives you access to one hour of group coaching a month and an additional 30-minute customized coaching a month with a personal coach. The group coaching is only limited to 12 members per group and only two groups will be available this year: one group for entrepreneurs and one group for coaches.

The Group Coaching for Entrepreneurs meet on the fourth Wednesday of every month, from 4.00pm-5.00pm Pacific time. If you are an entrepreneur interested to access this affordable coaching solution, click on the button below to register. Even if you were enrolled in the last cycle, you must enroll again in this new cycle. There is still space available although they are filling up fast so hurry and reserve your seat now.


If you are not a Diamond member and wish to take advantage of this feature as well as other benefits, you will need to upgrade your membership. Please do so by logging in to the E-Community and going to “Account Settings” under “My Account” to change your membership level before registering for the Group Coaching.

Unfortunately the Group Coaching for Coaches is full and we are no longer taking any members. However, if you are interested in joining if a seat becomes available, click on the button below to get your name on a waiting list.


Experience Biblical Entrepreneurship in just 8 Hours

Experience personal and business transformation in 8 hours by enrolling in the next Biblical Entrepreneurship Experience!

Not ready to commit to the full Biblical Entrepreneurship Course or need a refresher? Are you looking for a quick fix to improve your business performance and culture?

Do you want to connect with other entrepreneurs who are committed to growing their companies while integrating their core convictions?

The Biblical Entrepreneurship Experience is an live, 8-hour learning opportunity with experienced trainers, coaches, and business professionals that focuses on a major theme of the Biblical Entrepreneurship course with a clear deliverable. This experience goes beyond giving you a taste but will help you improve your business in a specific area using some of the tools and case studies from the course. Whether you are new to our program or you just want a refresher, the experience will give you the boost you need.

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Some of the topics covered include:

  • Identifying opportunities for business growth
  • Developing a sustainable business model
  • Developing a 12 month financial forecast
  • Developing a growth strategy
  • Marketing and sales for growth
  • Financing your business
  • Succession and exit strategy
  • Developing growth systems
  • Developing growth measurements
  • Creating a business culture that enhances staff retention and performance
  • Building relational equity that leads to business growth
  • Improving business performance through a transformational mission statement, “Serve with Love”

“This event gave me a fresh perspective in improving my business.”Biblical Entrepreneurship Experience Attendee

Live and online options available. Enroll in the option most convenient for you!

Online Experience: Wednesdays, June 6 – July 11, 7:00am – 8:30am PDT Enroll

DC Metro Experience: Saturday, September 8, 9:00am – 5:00pm EDT Enroll

Orlando Experience: Friday, August 17, 9:00am – 5:00pm EDT Enroll

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