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Enrich Your Marriage Through Couples in Business

We are thrilled to offer for the first time, a Couples in Business webinar course where we will be addressing God’s plan for the family. The Couples in Business course is a blend of marriage enrichment, family development, and business enhancement designed to help entrepreneurs enhance their marriage and family life while growing a successful Kingdom business.

The course is based on the premise that God has given dominion to the species man, who is made up of the male and female, not just the male gender. Every Kingdom business is a family business and should be built to withstand at least three generations. In order for that to be realized, husbands and wives, whether they are both active in the business or not, must be intentional about approaching their business as one with a clear understanding of how it fits into God’s plan for their family.

This webinar course focuses on five key areas:

  1. Faith – How do you truly become one and conform to the image and likeness of God?
  2. Family – How do you truly honor Christ in your family while fulfilling the dominion mandate?
  3. Business – How do you glorify God through your business while building a profitable company with an eternal impact?
  4. Philanthropy – How do you worship God through your abundance while making a difference in your community and in nations?
  5. Fun – How do you celebrate your success while enjoying God’s goodness?

Nehemiah Week 2017

Kingdom Entrepreneurs face a real enemy. It is not the economy and it is not competition from other businesses: it is Satan, the enemy of our souls. That is why our topic this year, at Nehemiah Week, is Spiritual Warfare in the Marketplace.

We are gearing up for another exciting and spiritually impactful Nehemiah Week 2017, which will be held at the beautiful Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando FL, Oct. 16th – 22nd. We will hear from dynamic speakers, including Pastor Anthony Moore and Peter Lowe.

There are so many exciting events planned; the week begins with a Kingdom Business Tour, for 3 days (17th – 19th) of a BE Conference, Investor’s Forum, International Business Plan Competition, culminating in our annual Celebration Banquet and International Auction.

Register today for the early bird rate!

For additional information, contact Wendie Klem at wendie@nehemiahproject.org.

Purpose and Profitability

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Imagine living in a community where doing business as usual was business conducted with strong values that benefited everyone involved. Imagine a place where everyone doing business did so with the motivation to benefit not just their bottom line profit, but their physical community, the environment, and generations to come as well.

Imagine no more, because we have just the course for you. Purpose & Profitability, a Nehemiah Project course, is a business course designed for everyone who seeks to truly understand their purpose and how to live on purpose with true intentionality. You will find this course a challenging and eye opening introduction into value-based business development.

We are thrilled to launch our 2017 Purpose & Profitability courses and to partner with you this year to make a lasting impact in how we do business. We invite you to attend our live webinar May 24th to July 26th, 7:00 to 9:00 AM. Click HERE to register!

Please call (877) 916-1180 for more information on how to bring Purpose & Profitability to your organization and community.

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