Empowering the Next Generation @ Nehemiah Week 2018

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Studies show that entrepreneurs who are part of the community and continue to engage in ongoing training and coaching have a greater chance of success. However success is not just about ongoing education but intentional connections with like minded people. Who you are today is a product of the people you engage with, and the active learning opportunities you take advantage of.

Nehemiah Week is a multi-day gathering organized to bring entrepreneurs, partners, trainers, coaches and friends of the Nehemiah Project from around the world to connect, collaborate, and celebrate what God is doing in the marketplace.

  • Kingdom Business Tour | Sept 17 (Monday)
    The week begins with a Kingdom Business Tour, where you will learn from real life Kingdom companies and discover the key to their success. REGISTER HERE
  • BE Conference | Sept 18 – Sept 20 (Tuesday – Thursday)
    The tour is followed by a 3 day transformational business conference with dynamic speakers and experienced entrepreneurs who will share best business practices that will address strategies to growing your company by tapping in the innovations and energy of the next generation. The conference will also teach attendees how to train, coach and invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders.
  • E-Community Investors Forum | Sept 20 (Thursday)
    The conference will conclude with our Kingdom Investors Forum where entrepreneurs with growing businesses get to pitch before Kingdom Investors to raise capital to grow their companies. REGISTER HERE
  • International Business Plan Competition | Sept 21 (Friday)
    After the conference, you will experience our annual international business plan competition where winners from 7 or more countries from around the world compete for the year’s best Kingdom Business Plan. REGISTER HERE
  • Celebration Banquet | Sept 22 (Saturday)
    This celebration banquet would be a great platform to celebrate, network and engage with like minded people from the marketplace. REGISTER HERE
  • Worship Service | Sept 23 (Sunday)
    Finally the week concludes with a combined worship service where you will be inspired to continue your journey of building your Kingdom company.

This will be your last chance to experience Nehemiah Week in Orlando, Florida.

So join us for a week full of remarkable experiences with dynamic national and international speakers as we discuss strategies to empowering the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.


Nehemiah Project Mexico Hosts Its Inaugural Nehemiah Week Mexico

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Nehemiah Project Mexico recently organized its inaugural Nehemiah Week Mexico from the 25th June – 30th June 2018 at the Simon Bolivar University, Mexico City. Led by Country Partner René Villar and Executive Director Penelope Bravo, the event provided a platform for local churches and business owners to experience several exciting courses that demonstrated various opportunities available for them to build Kingdom focused enterprises in Mexico.

One message came through loud and clear during the course of the conference:
Mexico is open for business, and they have a deep desire to do business according to Kingdom principles. The impact of the conference was so profound seeing that everyone agreed in unison that no one will be missing Nehemiah Week Mexico 2019!
Here are some of the highlights of the activities held:

Serve with Love – Mission in Action is an 8-hour interactive workshop based on the book, Serve with Love, to help individuals and organizations understand the power of a transformative mission statement through real life case studies and hands-on activities. The classes were led by author and NPIM Board Member, Tom Mears and his daughter Jennifer Mears with Patrice Tsague. Business and Church leaders came individually or brought their leadership teams to further strengthen their mission and purpose to serve the community. Certificates will be presented to the individuals and businesses who complete their action plans within the next 30 days. Subsequently, at the Nehemiah Week International, the Serve with Love Award and a business investment prize gift of $1000 will be presented to the business or church who best meets their goals.

The BE One Day Experience: Developing a Growth Strategy gave entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn how to identify growth opportunities, forecast growth, and how to develop a growth strategy. Patrice Tsague led them through this intensive one-day program.

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Kingdom Business Tour is the best way to see how Biblical Entrepreneurship is effective in the marketplace. We visited the law firm of Carols Rojas Colomenero, Tagata Business Services, Oftalmologik Ophthalmology Group hosted by owner Esther Venegas, and Brave Heart Creative. Each business shared how the BE program helped them in applying the right principles and practices to grow their business, but mostly on how important the planning process was in developing and following critical goals to expand their business.

kingdom business tour - Nehemiah E-Community

The Business Plan Competition was held on Thursday. This winner of this competition will represent Mexico at the International Business Plan Competition in Orlando, Florida this coming September. Participants included entrepreneurs with businesses ranging from book publications, small people custom clothing, fruit dehydration, and commercial videography. Nalleli Peres Mercado, of Grupo Bani emerged as the grand winner. Her business supplies dried fruit products.

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The conference concluded on Friday with the topic “Empowering the Next Generation” that featured keynote speakers Rene Villar, Patrice Tsague, Pastor Ofir Gonzalez, Penelope Bravo, and Tom Mears. Worship music was provided by a group of local young believers who meet regularly to study the holy word and worship together.

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Nehemiah Week Mexico 2019 will be held early June 2019. Mark your calendars because this will be an event that you don’t want to miss! Great food, warm and welcoming company but most of all, a unique opportunity to participate in expanding the Kingdom of God.