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Ask any entrepreneur what the most challenging thing about launching a business is, and chances are they will mention the same thing: funding. Ask any investor what the most challenging thing about meeting their investment goals are, and they will mention that it is finding the next big business idea that is worth their money. So it makes sense that, over the last few years, an entire industry has sprung up to connect capital-hungry aspiring entrepreneurs with investors and venture capitalists who can write the checks to fund their business plans.

As an investor or entrepreneur with specific kingdom values and principles, finding the perfect business match will determine the kind of social and eternal impact that you will accomplish in the marketplace through your business. What better place to find this match than at a gathering of like-minded entrepreneurs that share the same faith, beliefs, and values. It increases the odds of a perfect match and helps connect the smart money to the right opportunities in record time.

The E-Community Investors Forum at Nehemiah Week is an event that is specifically designed to connect Biblical Entrepreneurs to investors, and investors to kingdom impact opportunities. The forum will be conducted in a Shark-Tank style event, intensifying one of the most stressful, sweat-inducing, make-or-break moments in capitalism: the business pitch.

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Just ask Hosanna Building Contractor, who made their pitch at the forum for the first time 2 years ago and is today fully-funded.

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“What I love about the GKIN (Global Kingdom Investors Network) is that it puts us in touch with other kingdom business owners! We gain insight, support, wisdom, and valuable relationships as we navigate through our business journey. We have been connected with 3 other GKIN members who have invested or are interested! God provides for every step of our journey – whether it be knowledge, financially or relationally, through GKIN!”
Jane Blankenship, Hosanna Building Contractors

To qualify for the forum, presenters must have completed the BE Program with a completed kingdom business plan, be a Diamond member of the E-Community, and have a Kingdom Business Coach. Business plans are vetted to ensure quality, viability, and kingdom impact. Even the investors participating in the forum are Diamond members of the E-Community and have gone through at least BE I, ensuring shared values with the entrepreneurs. To date, the E-Community Global Kingdom Investors Network has raised over $1.82M debt and equity investment for kingdom companies from three countries and three investors have successfully exited their investment.

Register today for Nehemiah Week 2018 and join us to witness 5 of the most impressive, out-of-the-box business pitches that could inspire you to take your very own business plans to the next level!


This year is about to be a momentous year for Nehemiah Week. After hosting 5 consecutive Nehemiah Week events in Orlando, Florida, this year will be our last. You do not want to miss the best Nehemiah Week celebration to date. Join us at any of these following events by registering now to attend Nehemiah Week 2018.

  • Kingdom Business Tour | Sept 17 (Monday)
    The week begins with a Kingdom Business Tour, where you will learn from real life kingdom companies and discover the key to their success. REGISTER HERE
  • BE Conference | Sept 18 – Sept 20 (Tuesday – Thursday)
    The tour is followed by a 3-day transformational business conference with dynamic speakers and experienced entrepreneurs who will share best business practices that will address strategies to growing your company by tapping in the innovations and energy of the next generation. The conference will also teach attendees how to train, coach and invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders.
  • E-Community Investors Forum | Sept 20 (Thursday)
    The conference will conclude with our Kingdom Investors Forum where entrepreneurs with growing businesses get to pitch before Kingdom Investors to raise capital to grow their companies. REGISTER HERE
  • International Business Plan Competition | Sept 21 (Friday)
    After the conference, you will experience our annual international business plan competition where winners from 7 or more countries from around the world compete for the year’s best Kingdom Business Plan. REGISTER HERE
  • Celebration Banquet | Sept 22 (Saturday)
    This celebration banquet would be a great platform to celebrate, network and engage with like minded people from the marketplace. REGISTER HERE
  • Worship Service | Sept 23 (Sunday)
    Finally the week concludes with a combined worship service where you will be inspired to continue your journey of building your kingdom company.

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Identity and Destiny Merges with Nehemiah Project

Some of you remember Nehemiah Week 2017 when we announced the merging of Identity and Destiny with Nehemiah Project through the gracious gift from the authors, Tom and Pam Wolf. On September 5, 2018, 11:30am – 12:30pm Eastern time, we will be holding an announcement webinar to share details on where we are with the integration of Identity and Destiny into the Nehemiah Project. We have been developing and testing various ways that Identity and Destiny complements Biblical Entrepreneurship and our mission to build kingdom businesses. We look forward to sharing these developments with you and how it will benefit your ministry and business. For those of you who do not know much about Identity and Destiny and how our partnership has evolved and want to know more, CLICK HERE.

To RSVP for the Identity and Destiny Merger Webinar, click on the link below. You also have the opportunity for a time of question and answer with Tom and Pam Wolf, as well as Patrice and Gina Tsague.