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Becoming the King of Your Industry

When the jungle faces a desert season, every animal goes into survival mode and many do not make it besides the ones who consume the least resources, are the least threat, and the King of the Jungle. Today’s marketplace environment feels like a desert season because of the spike of unemployment, global pandemic, and reduction in consumer spending.

With 43% of businesses temporarily closed and close to 8% unemployment in the US, how is your business doing? Would you like to learn Kingdom strategies not just to survive but thrive in the current desert?

In this E-Community Global Forum, you will:

  • Learn success traits from the King of the Jungle, the Lion
  • Identify characteristics of success and dominants
  • Learn best practices from other Kingdom entrepreneurs on how to survive and thrive
  • Hear case studies from other entrepreneurs who are leaders in their industry.
  • Connect with other entrepreneurs from around the world and discuss success strategies

Date: Wednesday, 26 May 2021
Time: 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM PDT
Cost: FREE for all paying E-Community Members. $25 for Bronze and Non-Members.

Characteristics of a Lion


When a lion is hunting, it uses all of its senses to accomplish its goal. While working on your business, you need the same dedication. To achieve this, eliminate all distractions. Remove the TV, set your phone in another room, and most importantly, create a support system that celebrates your goals and motivates you to move forward. Don’t get distracted by people who criticize your work or unmotivate you to work on your business.

Take Care of Yourself

Lions sleep for almost 20 hours a day, so while being King of their environment they value their health first. Make sure you create a routine that values work but also highlights personal activities like working out or going out with friends on the weekend. No matter what you do, make sure you do not drown yourself in work.


Lions are known for their courageous nature. Naturally, when you strive to be lion-like in the corporate world, you decided to be brave instead of cowardly. Like a lion, look for opportunities to be brave and take chances.

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