Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers are hard at work preparing for the 5th Annual Kingdom Impact Dinner, formerly called the Portland Benefit Dinner, being held on April 19, 2017. Online registration for table sponsorships and individual tickets is open. Details and registration instructions are below.

Your prayers and partnerships are appreciated as we continue to grow our mission to build and equip Kingdom businesses!

Don’t Miss our 5th Annual Kingdom Impact Dinner

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We are excited to invite you to an inspiring evening to hear Tom Mears, Chairman of Burgerville, share how he transformed Burgerville into a Pacific Northwest iconic brand by simply clarifying the company’s mission and insisting that everyone live by it.  At the 5th Annual Kingdom Impact Dinner on April 19, we will continue our standing tradition of highlighting the impact of Biblical Entrepreneurship around the world and raising support for Biblical Entrepreneurship training. We are also excited for the opportunity to give a free autographed copy of Tom’s newest book, Serve with Love, to the first 50 guests who arrive at the event.  Tom will also be available to sign additional purchased copies of his book.  We hope to see you there!

To reserve your seat or sponsor a table, click HERE.  For more questions or information, please email Tiffany Merriman at tiffany@nehemiahproject.org or call (877) 916-1180.

Business for the Common Good

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Imagine living in a community where doing business as usual was business conducted with strong values that benefited everyone involved. Imagine a place where everyone doing business did so with the motivation to benefit not just their bottom line profit, but their physical community, the environment, and generations to come as well.   

Imagine no more because we have just the course for you.  Purpose & Profitability, a Nehemiah Project course, is a business course designed for everyone who seeks to truly understand their purpose and  how to live on purpose with true intentionality.  You will find this course a challenging and eye opening introduction into value- based business development.  

We are thrilled to launch our 2017 Purpose & Profitability courses and to partner with you this year to make a lasting impact in how we do business. We invite you to attend our first P & P I course of the year live at our office in Lake Oswego, OR, March 31 – April 1st.  

Click HERE to register for the live class.  Purpose and Profitability is also available as a live webinar May 24th to July 26th, 7:00 to 9:00 AM. Click HERE to register for the webinar.

Please contact Elizabeth Dyan, elizabeth@nehemiahproject.org, or call (877) 916-1180 for more information on how to bring Purpose & Profitability to your organization and community.

Called to Equip

Preparing the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Thumbs up - Nehemiah E-CommunityTo teach and truly equip someone takes more than just the knowledge of the subject at hand. To be prepared to teach you will need to be equipped with tools and be able understand:

  1. Your Students. Gaining a grasp of how they learn and how their lives have brought them to this place of learning and discovery is essential. Students remember less of the information being taught and more about the impartation being made into their lives. Students who can quickly understand how to integrate what is being learned will increase the amount of information retained.
  2. The Material. There is the old and true adage: “you can’t give what you don’t have.” A good teacher who understands well the material being taught and who can be comfortable making it their own will have great success; knowing how to appropriately use their own experiences and perspectives to bring the information to life in a meaningful way.
  3. How People Learn. There are a variety of learning styles that any teacher will encounter in their students. The effective teacher learns to use as many styles as possible to get the information across. It may involve physical activities, discussions, visuals, or other teaching tools—it is not a question of how the teacher most likes to teach but how the student is most likely to learn.
  4. Teaching as a Business. The Bible says that a workman is worthy of his wages. A good teacher should expect a return on his investment of time, resources, energy, and heart into becoming prepared to teach entrepreneurs. Don’t sell yourself short! We are looking for teachers who also desire to demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit by starting their own teaching business—with our coaching and support.

When you receive Teacher Certification training from Nehemiah Project, you learn all of this and more. It is a comprehensive 24-hour in-class course, plus additional hours to launch your first class and co-teach to complete your certification. This will provide you with the understanding of best teaching practices for Nehemiah Project, how to set up and market your classes, and how to earn income from teaching our courses. Please visit: https://nehemiahecommunity.com/teacher-certification/, for more details. Elizabeth Dyan, the Director of the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Institute, leads the class and will support you as you launch.

There are two Teacher Certification courses coming soon:

  1. Portland, Oregon, May 3-5 at the Nehemiah Headquarters in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Click HERE to register.
  2. Maitland, Florida, October 11-13 at the Nehemiah Florida Headquarters. Click HERE to register.

Do you have questions? Please write Elizabeth at Elizabeth@nehemiahproject.org.