3-day Biblical Entrepreneurship Conference @ Nehemiah Week 2018

empowering next generation - Nehemiah E-Community

Imagine spending 3 days

  • With like-minded Kingdom Entrepreneurs, and Christians who just ‘get it’.
  • Learning how to align your faith, beliefs and values with daily decisions in your business and professional lives.
  • Clearly defining how you can impact the world and leave a legacy for generations to come.
  • Learning from cutting edge Kingdom Entrepreneurs about various growth strategies to apply in your business.
  • Feeling encouraged and empowered.
  • Making connections that will last a lifetime.

In the face of tremendous global challenges, there is an urgent need for Kingdom Entrepreneurs to strive to build a different economy – an economy that provides for the needs of people and communities. Our biblical values and beliefs have empowered us to realize that the purpose of a business is not simply to make a profit, but is also found in the very existence of a community who offer their talents, skills, and knowledge to help build and fulfill a purpose according to the Gospel of Christ.

For 3 days, the Bibilical Entrepreneurship Conference under the theme “Empowering the Next Generation,” will explore how we can equip our next generation of leaders to preserve the same biblical principles that we highly value when doing business so that God’s kingdom can flourish and expand across nations. This year, the conference will bring together guests from Congo, Madagascar, Malaysia, Haiti, France, Ukraine, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Togo, United States and more. Imagine learning and making connections in the midst of such rich diversity.

Each morning will begin with devotional sessions conducted by Pastor Anthony E. Moore, author of a powerful devotional series called One Moore Minute. These devotional sessions will set the tone for the day and inspire you to live out your fullest potential as Kingdom Entrepreneurs in Christ. The focus of the conference will be based on the foundational 3 pillars of our services. The first day will focus on training, where participants receive entrepreneurship training on empowering the next generation. The second day focuses on coaching, where participants best practice business tools to grow a Kingdom company. And on the third day, access to capital, where entrepreneurs and investors find their perfect business match through an investors forum.

With an exciting agenda arranged, this conference promises to deliver a 3-day experience that could change your life and how you do business. We have an amazing line of speakers that will train you to not only focus on the practical strategies of how to build your business, but also how to bring the power of our faith to the forefront of our business lives. This is about to be an intensive and transformative experience that you do not want to miss.

Register now and begin the process of taking your kingdom business plans to the next level! Here’s our amazing line of speakers:

pastor anthony moore - Nehemiah E-Community

Pastor Anthony Moore
Senior Pastor, Carolina Missionary Baptist Church
Author of One Moore Minute book

patrice tsague bnw sq e1531559650606 - Nehemiah E-Community

Patrice Tsague
Chief Servant Officer, Nehemiah Project International Ministries
Kingdom Business Coaching

pastor gabriel oleko - Nehemiah E-Community

Pastor Gabriel Oleko
Senior Pastor,
Celebration Paris
College Elevation,
DR Congo

richard diyoka - Nehemiah E-Community

Pastor Richard Diyoka
Senior Pastor, Fondation Shekinah, DR Congo

robert fukui - Nehemiah E-Community

Robert Fukui
Founder, i61
Certified Trainer, NPIM

wendie klem - Nehemiah E-Community

Wendie Klem
Director of Training and Coaching, NPIM

debra schlaht - Nehemiah E-Community

Debra Schlaht
Director of International Programs, NPIM

jerome kelly leonard - Nehemiah E-Community

Jerome & Kelly Leonard
Founders, Taylor-Leonard Corporation
DMV Area Developers, NPIM

chuck proudfit - Nehemiah E-Community

Chuck Proudfit
At Work on Purpose

rene villar - Nehemiah E-Community

René Villar
Behemot Holding Business

yanet herrero - Nehemiah E-Community

Yanet Herrero
Kings Service Solutions

eddy moratin - Nehemiah E-Community

Eddy Moratin
LIFT Orlando

bryan repple - Nehemiah E-Community

Bryan Repple
G.A. Repple and Company

stephen ally - Nehemiah E-Community

Stephen Ally
Timothy Plan

cheryl mumbert - Nehemiah E-Community

Cheryl Mumbert
VP/Creative Director, Timothy Plan

tom sittema - Nehemiah E-Community

Tom Sittema
River Bridge Capital

pastor mamie lumande - Nehemiah E-Community

Pastor Mamie Lumande
Worship Leader,
Parole Du Salut France

Richard Zielke - Nehemiah E-Community

Richard Zielke
Zielke Coaching Solutions

Chris King - Nehemiah E-Community

Chris King
Gaius Strategies

glenn repple - Nehemiah E-Community

Glenn Repple
G.A. Repple and Company


This year is about to be a momentous year for Nehemiah Week. After hosting 5 consecutive Nehemiah Week events in Orlando, Florida, this year will be our last. You do not want to miss the best Nehemiah Week celebration to date. Join us at any of these following events by registering now to attend Nehemiah Week 2018.

  • Kingdom Business Tour | Sept 17 (Monday)
    The week begins with a Kingdom Business Tour, where you will learn from real life kingdom companies and discover the key to their success. REGISTER HERE
  • BE Conference | Sept 18 – Sept 20 (Tuesday – Thursday)
    The tour is followed by a 3-day transformational business conference with dynamic speakers and experienced entrepreneurs who will share best business practices that will address strategies to growing your company by tapping in the innovations and energy of the next generation. The conference will also teach attendees how to train, coach and invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders.
  • E-Community Investors Forum | Sept 20 (Thursday)
    The conference will conclude with our Kingdom Investors Forum where entrepreneurs with growing businesses get to pitch before Kingdom Investors to raise capital to grow their companies. REGISTER HERE
  • International Business Plan Competition | Sept 21 (Friday)
    After the conference, you will experience our annual international business plan competition where winners from 7 or more countries from around the world compete for the year’s best Kingdom Business Plan. REGISTER HERE
  • Celebration Banquet | Sept 22 (Saturday)
    This celebration banquet would be a great platform to celebrate, network and engage with like minded people from the marketplace. REGISTER HERE
  • Worship Service | Sept 23 (Sunday)
    Finally the week concludes with a combined worship service where you will be inspired to continue your journey of building your kingdom company.

Our Event Sponsors

Sponsorship opportunities are available!

For more details and to sign up as a sponsor, please download our Sponsorship Packet HERE.

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One Moore Minute – The Power of Personal Devotion

one moore minute - Nehemiah E-Community

One Moore Minute is a devotional series book that provides unique spiritual insights to inspire, encourage, provoke, and strengthen each of its readers to rise to their fullest potential in Christ. This is a devotional series that will touch who we are, where we are, and why we are. This devotional series was written by Pastor Anthony E. Moore, Senior Pastor of The Carolina Missionary Baptist Church based on his sermons and life experiences over the past 30 years in ministry. Through this 40-day devotional series, Moore offers his readers unique spiritual insights to activate the promises of God in their lives, by realigning their day-to-day thoughts and actions.

For many of us, the demands of our modern lives may at times seem incompatible with taking time out to spend with God, but just as its title suggests, within just one more minute, each devotional can speak life into each of our individual situations. Moore explains that “God gives us each the same amount of hours a day and what we do with our time determines how we fulfill the destiny and purpose for what we are made”. Pastor Moore believes that One Moore Minute is a book that will remind us to become good stewards of time and draw closer to God, the giver of our time.

Moore’s heart for ministry is evident through his commitment to direct a portion from the proceeds of the sale of his book towards the construction of My Sister’s Keeper Apartments. This affordable housing project was conceived to help women living with HIV and/or AIDS and their families transition into more permanent housing conditions. Make a purposeful purchase today, and get your copy of One Moore Minute.

Special Deal:

CLICK HERE to purchase your copy of One Moore Minute Paperback and receive the first 3 chapters of One Moore Minute audiobook for free!