Taking Dominance in the Dental Sector

Taking Dominance in the Dental Sector

Taking Dominance

When taking dominance there are days that you will need to be aggressive but on some days all you need is to let God be God.

Mr. Dustin Lively of the DDS, 333 Dental Care shares that he always wanted to be in the dental sector though at some point it got exhausting and all he wanted was for God to tell him what to do next. In the process, he came across the Biblical Entrepreneurship course which has so far changed his life.

Mr. Lively says that in dentistry school, no one teaches you about business so when he started his dental sector he didn’t know what to do. He adds that the biblical entrepreneurship class opened his mind o what exactly happens in the business world and at the same time impacted him with ways of doing business God’s way.

Life before Biblical entrepreneurship was overwhelming and Mr. Lively constantly worried about how he would do things all he knew is that he wanted God to take the lead. On the journey to taking dominance, it is bound to get lonely but you shouldn’t be worried because those are the moments you are bound to hear God. In reality, it is not lonely, it will always be you and God. The truth is sometimes clients will want you to do things their way which sometimes goes against your values.

Let them know you can’t do it even though it is the hardest thing to do. Mr. Witter says that it is important to protect your employees being it from clients or them worrying about their next paycheck. When they are completely covered then you are sure of them doing their best when it comes to delivery.

When it comes to taking dominance in the financial industry you have to fully understand what you doing because, at the end of the day, your convictions become your clients’ confidence.

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