Investors Forum Recap | Nehemiah Week 2021

The fourth day began with an awesome worship session followed by an uplifting devotion from Pastor Gabriel Oleko who talked about “The Protocol of Success in the Time of Crisis”. There are 3P’s of protocol to get through any crisis you might be facing. Promise. Plan. Perseverance.  This day marked the Kingdom Investors Forum where the investors’ network was established to match qualified Biblical Entrepreneurs with trusted Kingdom Impact Investors to finance all of the selected entrepreneur’s needs including furnishings, software, fitness, education, and transportation.

Hosted by Robert Fukui, this year we had four kingdom entrepreneurs, that is: Nina Mutegi, Pastor Gabriel Oleko, and Malalaniaina Ratianaharisoa pitch their ideas to a panel of investors for capital. Other than that, a panel of Kingdom Entrepreneurs shared their insights on how to Thrive Through Crisis. On the panel, was Robin Geertz, John Thiong’o, and Chuck Proudfit who gave their take on how to thrive through crisis.

John’s take was one must have proper economic drivers to be able to get through crisis. Robin on the other hand advised businesspeople to do what they have to do in order to survive the crisis even if it means cutting costs and adjusting agreements. Chuck on the other hand drove his point home with three words, protect, pivot and pioneer. As people’s needs change marketing conditions need to improve change in order for one’s business to stay relevant. Take an example of the emergence of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

So many businesses struggled to stay afloat and eventually ended up closing because the owners were not creative enough to shift according to the market needs. Innovation helps one easily identify people’s problems and solve them no matter how big or small they are. Another tool that can help one stay afloat is an economic engine that helps you with pricing to be able to save for a crisis and stay efficient. It also helps fuels your business. According to Mick Owens, the speaker of the day, knowing your gifts and knowing how to use them help you stand for what you believe in even in a crisis. Following the Biblical principles to financial success encourages us to hold what we have with loose hands because we are STEWARDS NOT OWNERS.