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Building a successful Kingdom Coaching Practice

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The goal of establishing a kingdom coaching business is to help business owners set up systems that allow them to upscale their businesses and then prepare for succession and exit. This means providing them with the resources and support necessary for their business journey.

Building a successful kingdom coaching practice can be quite challenging. This is because in the beginning, most kingdom coaches go through a phase of uncertainty and self-doubt commonly known as the Imposter Syndrome where one may feel like they are not qualified enough to coach others. Herein lies the true meaning of working for the glory of God. No matter how inadequate we feel or how little qualified we are, God steps in and qualifies us.

David Robertson CEO and Founder of Growthpoint Coaching Co. says that his journey to building a successful coaching practice was filled with a lot of hurdles and failure until he realized that he had been running his businesses for the wrong purpose and it wasn’t until he started working for the glory of God that his coaching business grew to the success it is in now.

We know God works in mysterious ways and at some point in this journey to coaching success, David shut down his business for 18 months which meant his wife taking up financial responsibilities for all that time. It is here that David took his time to listen to God and he finally had a breakthrough!

Through it all, David says that he realized that in the midst of it all, it was not his business, his position as a coach or results that gave him significance but Christ did. And this opened up many doors for him and eventually got featured on Forbes as the number one on the article for an expert panel on business builders. After a few months the President of Forbes councils offered him and his company a coaching job which forced him and his family to move to Dallas in the middle of a pandemic where he has seen great success.

In conclusion, if you desire to have that successful coaching business, let God always be the source of provision. Allow yourself to be led by a King(Jesus) and success will be yours.

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